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Meet Dana (author of this blog)
I am a southern gal that loves some sweet tea (as shown in pic above)! I am a child of God and saved by His grace!!! I work for my sweet boys, Noah and Mason, as their mommy :) and it is the BEST job I have ever had! I am a wife and best friend to my super awesome husband Todd (aka Toby). When I am not drinking sweet tea I am chasing my boys around the house or talking my husband's ears off. I am very shy, very tender hearted, and very silly. I love taking pictures and am often my family's own papparazzi!!! I love good food and good movies....mostly sci-fi (vampire diaires, twilight, spiderman) type genres. I love most all music but have lately been drawn more to country and christian music. I have my master's degree in school counseling. So I love to listen to other's problems and help them out or mainly just listen and let them get everything out. I hope to one day use my degree in some way to help people. I trust the Lord will guide me to use the gift he has given me. And last, but not least, I am an infertile woman that was blessed by God twice with two precious, adorable, and sweet boys!!!

Meet Todd (aka Toby)
Todd is my husband of 12 years! He is the most genuine person I have ever met!!! He loves his family dearly and that is one of the reasons I fell for him...obviously he is easy on the eyes as well :) He has such a strong character and work ethic and has taught me so much about life. He loves watching MMA (mixed martial arts) fights and is a movie lover like me. He works as a pharmacist and is very dedicated to his job. He really takes it serious and wants to give all of his customers the best care he can offer. He is an amazing father!! He is a very hands on daddy! Noah and Mason adore their daddy :) and so do I!!! He is also my best friend and always finds ways to make me feel beautiful even when I am in sweats with my hair in a pony!! He would never admit this, but he is very smart! That is another thing he hates for anyone to brag on him or to have any attention on himself. He is very easy going and is content with just an energy drink and some sour candy!

Meet Noah

Meet Mason

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