Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Workin' it Wednesdays

Hey y'all! I am linking up for "Workin' it Wednesdays" with two bloggers I follow (Shay and Erika).

Okay so I am admitting defeat and can say that I am SUPER ready for the boys to go back to school. I am missing the routine and really cannot come up with anymore ideas of things that are fun. I know that I cannot entertain them in the summer, but I try to keep them busy. If they say they are bored they can do chores or experience boredom, lol. I tell them that being bored is going to happen in life a lot so they should get used to dealing with it. Wow, I sound optimistic. 

Since Noah and Mason received new book bags last year from PBkids they will be using those again this year. Those book bags have been great and wash easily if they get a little dirty. Plus they are pricey so I hope they hold up for a few years. I made the mistake of buying a rolling one for Noah at the beginning of last year. Well, there was a hole in the bottom by mid year so we will not be buying any rolling ones anytime soon. It was from PBkids too so just beware. 

We take first day of school pictures and last day of school pictures. I love finding free printables and try to match them up for the first day and last day. I found some cute printables on Pinterest that were free. Last year I laminated them, but it makes them look shiny so I don't plan on that this year. 

Here are the ones we took the last year on the last day. It is funny because I actually took their picture the day before the last day because the last was so full that I knew I would be rushed. So they are wearing field day clothes instead of their uniforms. And if you look closely Noah is crossing his eyes. I did not notice this until after I uploaded the pictures. He is a ham!!!

For open house I always use a cute Pinterest Printout and give the teacher(s) a little gift. It says "I am so happy I get to BEE in your class this year" then I attach a burt's bees chapstick and let the boys write out love and their names. They were a hit this year.

We have to bring all of the supplies to open house. I love that because then the boys do not have to bring in book bags and bags and bags upon bags on the first day of school. Open house was last night (I am doing a post on that later), Noah was super excited to see his friends. Mason did great at first, but then I saw him starting to tear up and I tried so hard to get out of the classroom. Hold on let me clarify. In our open house we bring in supplies and drop the kids off in their classroom so they can check it out and the parents head to Chapel to listen to any new updates for the year. So Mason started to cry and the door was blocked with parents coming into the classroom. I did not make it out before he attached himself to me like superglue. FOR REAL!! The teacher worked so hard to get him from me.

I left the room with a heavy heart, but prayed that he would do good. And I was so happy to see that both my boys LOVED their classrooms and teachers. We are blessed at our school with the most amazing teachers.

Now onto lunches. Is it bad that I haven't bought groceries yet? Today we got the boys hair cut then went to the dentist for our yearly cleaning. NO CAVITIES, whoop whoop!! Todd is getting groceries after work! That man is amazing!!! The boys eat the same thing for like a few months then might change up a few things. Thankfully, the school has CFA, Mel's, and American Pie that caters. They have others but the boys like these the most. That means I only have to do lunches two or three times a week. I pack them turkey sandwiches, strawberries, yogurt, chips, chews, and a small pack of oreos. I have yet to fix my milk problem. The school does not sell milk and my boys are milk junkies. Mason likes the chocolate milk form horizon, but I cannot find a milk that Noah likes in a small size. We use ingles milk and he loves that. I have used TONS of thermos' and cannot find one that does not leak. If you have any suggestions PLEASE share. I give them a lot to drink. Usually I put milk, a capri sun, and a water.

Tomorrow is the BIG day. We live 10 minutes from the school which helps us sleep later. PTL!!!! The boys get up and eat breakfast around 6:30. They are like us and are not morning people. We put on the tv and cover them up in blankets and let them eat breakfast on the couch. This helps them start the day in a good mood. Then it is "ninja time". They act like ninjas and take their uniforms in the playroom and get ready. They run into the kitchen and surprise me, I act like I never even saw them leave the living room. It is a fun game and it helps them get ready. I make their lunches that morning. Their book bags are packed up the night before so we are all ready to go. Once their teeth are brushed and hair "did" we are out the door.

Well that is how we "Work" the first day of school in the Livingston household. Praying everyone has a stress free, happy, peaceful, blessed, and fun first day of school this year.


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