Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Last week of Summer

Our official last week of summer is upon us. We have tried to fit in a few fun activities and of course I am stressing about getting everything organized before school starts. However, I have been procrastinating and have not done any organizing or cleaning. On Tuesday we went to the park while my momma got her oil changed in her car. We bought two loaves of bread and ended up using it all to feed the ducks, one goose, and an odd looking duck/chicken.

Then we went to the playground and the boys ran from one thing to another playing. It was super hot and sunny. If you live in GA you know that the humidity here is ridiculous, so we were drenched with sweat (or at least I was). They have a water/splash pad and it was open. Even though we had no swimsuits or sunscreen I let the boys play for a few minutes before my momma picked us up.

Now off to buy new shoes, white undershirts, and undies for the boys!! 


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