Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summertime makes me feel fine

I am not going to do what you all think I am going to do which is

   Flip out and chat about being back

I really dreaded this summer and having two boys at home all day er' day. But to my surprise I have loved every second of it. Okay, well maybe not the group trips to the bathroom. Why is it every time I go to the potty the boys and the dog want to come in and chat? Noah and Mason are at super great ages right now, Noah is 7 and Mason is 4. And I feel confident taking them out and about without dealing with tons of meltdowns. Or having to find a place that accommodates both ages. 

We have spent most of our time at a local place that has several bounce houses and slides. If you are in the area (McDonough GA) then head to Woody's. Everyone is friendly. And my favorite part is I can see all of the bounce houses and slides from one spot. Although I still walk around and watch the boys play. 

The other spot we like to hit up that helps the boys sleep oh so soundly at night is Sky Zone. I tend to pick places that are:
  • what I call parent and kid friendly
  •  and tires my guys out
The first time we visited Sky Zone Mason was a bit nervous. He and well Noah too take their time getting comfy when we go to a new place. Sky Zone has music playing, tons of trampolines, an arcade, and a concession stand. I think it was too much for them at first. Oh and I must add the cool multi-colored lights. After probably 10 minutes and me jumping with Mason in hand they both joined right on in. Yes I said I jumped. Have you ever birthed two kids and then try to jump on a trampoline? I think that is enough said about that :)

And last but not least, the best spot we go to is our neighbor's pool. We have the best neighbors that tell us to come over and swim anytime we want. However, I do not want to become that person that just shows up randomly all of the time. And boy does swimming make the boys tired and HANGRY!!! 

I cannot wait to share about swimming lessons and show some videos on my next post. 

I was in no way compensated or asked to write about Woody's or Sky Zone. 


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