Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hello Life, all I need is stickers and a planner!!!

As the day gets crazy, the kids get grumpy, things do not going according to plan, when it is all you can do to hold it together til bedtime. Does that sound familiar? Well, I have the weirdest way that I relax after the kids go to bed.
I am a planner addict!! I need something right in front of me to write in and check things off. And now with this planner, eeeeek to decorate!!! Just look at the options. There is a month page.
And week by week pages.
And before each month you can set up goals, remember birthdays, and jot down important dates.
I love these faith stickers! I may or may not have already bought more.
And of course I had to add some personalization to the front!!!
I bought mine from Amazon. HERE is the link to the planner and HERE is the link to the faith stickers. If you are a prime member or an amazon lover you know that under the item it links you to other items that are similar. You can find other stickers for your needs.


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