Thursday, July 20, 2017

Blessed and swim obsessed!!!

We are very very very blessed to have friends that live right across the street, and a bonus is that they have a pool!!!! Yep, we are those people! Well I try not to be those people. But our friends are so sweet and let us swim just about anytime. I still make sure we ask before we swim and we aren't always begging to come over. If it was up to the boys we would live there.

The days we do go, we travel in style. They load up on Mason's car and I add my junk in it and we cruise on over.

Then there is A LOT of jumping in the water!!

And of course we practice swimming and holding our breath under water

 see the shoe above, well I had to put it there so they would move over enough so when they jumped in the pool they didn't jump onto the steps 

And then they get back in Mason's cute car and drive home :) They sleep so well on these days!!!


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