Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bathtime reflections, lol

This is has been the best summer!!!! I am really sad that the boys start school in less than two weeks. I feel like we have even become even closer as a family. And we are so close already, it is neat to see how God opens up hears and makes connections even closer than you imagined. I love how I can be sitting anywhere in the house and both boys gradually drift over and sit right beside me or in my lap. It is like I am their center and they are just drawn to me. One day I was on one couch with them and wanted to see if they would follow me to the other couch. I got up and went over the other couch and stretched out. Not too long after I had one on top of the couch using the cushions like a bed above me and the other one laying on my feet. HAHAHA!!

And I really love this new rhythm we've had this summer. It has been low key, go with the flow, and very nice. Of course, there are times that it isn't go with the flow or we get on each other's nerves. But those are very few times.

One of those times was last night. And it was me that needed a break. Todd came home from work, it was one of his days where he gets home by 3!!!! Yeah I love that day. I decided to take a long hot bath. As I was about to soak and relax I get a FaceTime call from Mason. Yeah I hooked up their iPads so they can text and FaceTime family. I had to answer he was too cute. Momma where are you, you in the bathtub? I said yep I am. And then I saw on the screen as he dashed up the stairs and straight to my bathroom door. Then I heard a knock knock, playing along I asked who is it? He just giggled on his screen. I told him to come on inside.

I was thinking dang it I just wanted a hot bath with nothing to think about. My shoulders were hurting from sleeping well more like hanging half off the bed for the past two nights. (another post). I asked Mason okay are you wanting to get in the bath with me? It is really hot and I really want to relax. He just said nah I just want to be with you.

me: awe I love you mason
mason: no I'm spiderman

me: oh ok I love you spiderman (I should have known from his mask and spiderman suit he had on)
mason: can I get in the bath

me: no remember it is really hot and I want to relax
mason: ok (picture him taking his spiderman mask off then throwing it at a towel hanger on the back of our door)
Mason: says (as he is jumping and trying to throw the spiderman mask up high enough to get caught on the hook) are you we waxed? aka relaxed
me: yes (on the inside dying because I am watching him jump up and down up and down up and down)

Mason: I got it!!!
me: YAY!!!

Then he proceeded to get it down with a  soap bottle. He actually got it down and then threw the mask back up many times after that. At first I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs downstairs to Todd to get Mason and let me chill. But after watching him I found myself watching him and realizing that these are the moments I will miss and need to cherish while they are here.

I will have plenty of time to take a long hot bath while they are at school. Que the tears!!!!! I am not a fan of change. Isn't it true that once you finally get in the groove of something, change happens. I better prepare for it. I swear I thought this summer would go differently. I was sure I would go nuts or something. And I have lost my marbles before (so to speak) so I was really worried. Thank the Lord it went differently!!

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