Saturday, July 29, 2017

2 AM was NOT a good idea!!

I have this horrible habit of staying up after the boys go to sleep and watching tv. I always think that I will watch just one show and head back to bed. Yeah that never happens. Last night I ended up staying up til 2 AM and today I am suffering for it. Why do I do this to myself??

We have just one more full week before school starts so I have ALOT to get done. The major thing is to get the boys (and me) to bed earlier and set our alarm to get us up early. I'm hoping that getting it done this week will make the boys less grumpy when school starts. I honestly hope I can get up. I am horrible with alarms. I usually get Todd to wake me up because I will turn the alarm off in my sleep.

Another task on my "Ta Da" List is to get the boys new shoes, white T-shirts, and socks. Man the more I type the more I am dreading school!! There are other things to get done and I thought this post was going to be about that, but now I am changing my mind.

It is going to be a bummer when the boys are back in school. For one it is hard for me to think about them being gone so long during the day. School days are too long. SEVEN hours is too much. That is seven hours out of like what 5 waking hours I have with them during a day. I know they need school for so many more reasons than just the obvious of an education. And I know it gets tough some days at home trying to keep them occupied and teach them that being bored is okay. BUT.....I am going to miss my babies!!!!!!!!!

Plus, I am a SAHM so I will be home....alone!! And yes I hear all the sighs that say you should be singing happy songs that you will be home alone. I am sure I will some days. I just worry because I have anxiety and depression. I have blogged about all of this numerous times. My illnesses are constant just like anyone else with a physical illness. I have to keep it in check with medication, God, and Family. Then there are still days or weeks where it is almost impossible to make it through the day. With God's grace I do, it isn't a pretty day full of me being supermom. It usually consists of a lot of movies and minecraft with the boys.

So I am fully aware that this change can trigger me. What can I do during these first few weeks to keep myself on point? Please share :)


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