Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Easter

Noah (5) and Mason (3) had a super fun time celebrating Easter this year. I think this has been the best age for both to understand about Jesus dying on the cross and resurrecting, well more so for Noah.

We don't do the Easter bunny at our house (we have told Noah not to tell other kids that there is no Easter bunny). It's just our thang, no judges of doing the bunny.

We do celebrate and give the boys gifts from us to celebrate what Jesus did so that the vail was torn!!!
So I guess we do an in between Easter ;)

The pictures are a little out of order, but here are my handsomes!!! Mason on the top and Noah on the bottom. We did playdoh surprise eggs for them to open with tons of blind bags of minions, mine craft, and avengers. They love watching youtube videos about this so they were super excited!!!

This was the day before Easter Sunday, I took the boys to our church's easter egg hunt. Todd had to work, but the boys did great!!! They even got their faces painted, which they never do!!!

And now for the Easter Sunday Best Dressed List:
Noah and Mason

I love that my boys are best friends!!!!! I love that they have each other and go on adventures all the time just simply playing inside the house. I am one blessed woman!!! 



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