Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Easter

Noah (5) and Mason (3) had a super fun time celebrating Easter this year. I think this has been the best age for both to understand about Jesus dying on the cross and resurrecting, well more so for Noah.

We don't do the Easter bunny at our house (we have told Noah not to tell other kids that there is no Easter bunny). It's just our thang, no judges of doing the bunny.

We do celebrate and give the boys gifts from us to celebrate what Jesus did so that the vail was torn!!!
So I guess we do an in between Easter ;)

The pictures are a little out of order, but here are my handsomes!!! Mason on the top and Noah on the bottom. We did playdoh surprise eggs for them to open with tons of blind bags of minions, mine craft, and avengers. They love watching youtube videos about this so they were super excited!!!

This was the day before Easter Sunday, I took the boys to our church's easter egg hunt. Todd had to work, but the boys did great!!! They even got their faces painted, which they never do!!!

And now for the Easter Sunday Best Dressed List:
Noah and Mason

I love that my boys are best friends!!!!! I love that they have each other and go on adventures all the time just simply playing inside the house. I am one blessed woman!!! 



Monday, March 21, 2016

Worka Worka Worka

I started my first official job as a school counselor!!!!!!!! I won't say how long it has been since I received my degree, but lets just say it has been a few moons ago. When I did my internships way back when I loved it, I fell in love with the students right away. AND....I have again!!!

I was (and still am) nervous about getting it "right"!! There's a lot that I have to brush up on, but most of it is coming back to me and it feels good. I've always felt like God made me to be a counselor and being a SAHM just made that skill better.

I'm only working one or two days a week and still soaking up time with my almost 3 year old, Mason!! He will be in PK3 next school year. I have been blessed to be able to be home with both of my boys til they started PK3 (and with Noah past that).

I've been working with K-12 and it has been a whirlwind. High schoolers are a whole new ballgame, but a good one. It has gotten me thinking back to when I was in high school and wishing I could share my learned experiences with them! You know in a way where they feel they've experienced it too. Because we all know that nothing sinks in quite as fast as if you experience it first hand. And we all know that when we were younger things seemed further away. It seemed like I had forever to get myself together!! I just couldn't wait to move out, get married, have kids, and work. If only...haha!!!

It also has me thinking about how precious it was to dream when I was younger. Before everyday life didn't leave much room for dreaming. It is so true that when you think you are helping others, it is you that gets the most help from it!!

Updates on the boys will be in the next post!! And I cannot wait to blog more about my job :)

Hoping all of my SAHM and Working Mommas out there remember to dream!