Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My boys

 MY BOYS~ Noah and Mason

Oh these boys keep me on my toes. They are growing like weeds and everyday is a new adventure. I love seeing their little personalities develop and their amazing relationship as brothers grow. Noah is protective of Mason and Mason looks up to Noah in every way. It is a monkey see, monkey do kinda relationship. As soon as Noah jumps off of the couch, Mason follows suit. It can be funny and can be scary!!! Noah helps Mason come down the stairs and loves trying to carry him around, which is getting hard each day b/c Mase is almost as big as Noah :)

I am so blessed that they have each other and I love being a boy momma. A few days ago they grossed me out by playing in muddy puddle and digging out moss and grass. Then at Easter they found tons of worms and thought it was funny to play with them. I have become a bug lover, but still am not much of a bug holder. I do not mind looking, but holding the bug is another level, lol!!

Easter was super relaxed this year and seemed to have a huge peace about it. Todd and I sat and watched Mason and Noah play and there wasn't this hustle and bustle as in years past. And just when you don't think your kids listen to you, you realize they do. I have been telling the boys about Easter and reason we celebrate. I felt like I wasn't getting through and then yesterday Noah was singing and doing a show for me. He sang about Jesus and dying on the cross for us and my heart just melted. He heard me and better yet there was a seed of God planted in his heart. It was a super awesome moment. Then at the dinner table yesterday Mason reminded all of us to pray. He said his prayer, he speaks his own baby language sometimes, then said Amen!! Another seed is planted!! I plan on planting tons of seeds and cannot wait to see the crop ahead.

We are ending up Noah's PK4 school year and looking at summer ahead. I am excited and nervous. I am excited to be able to take the boys on new adventures and enjoy the summer weather, but I am nervous about having both boys all of the time. They can be crazy :) Thankfully, I plan on keeping us very busy.

Until next time...kisses from the cutest boys in the world!!!