Monday, January 26, 2015


I saw this on Pinterest and it just changed my perspective today, so I thought I would share. If you follow me on IG (DanaLivingston) then you have already viewed it. I looked back at my past and realized how I longed/yearned for a child. How much I went through to even be able to get pregnant and carry Noah and Mason. Now I have them and I am so thankful. It makes the wants of today nothing in comparison to what I HAVE now!!!!!
 Pinterest link

Yes there are times (TONS) that I wish I had my skinny figure back pre babies. There are times that I wish I was able to get more sleep and more free time. But when I get to snuggle into Mason's chunky baby belly I just melt and nothing is more important than that feeling. It is like seeing the smile on Noah's face when I pick him up from PK4 or getting one of his infamous hugs. Y'all they are healing hugs. All I can say is it is all PRICELESS!!!


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