Saturday, August 1, 2015


Before I start my post on isolation I have to say I am very blessed to have my parents 20 minutes away from me. They have helped me keep my sanity.

Being a stay at home momma isn't easy, being a working momma isn't easy. It all has its challenges and rewards. Today I want to talk about my experience and what I have had the most trouble with. Maybe a soon to be momma will read this and it could change her experience in a good way.

We live in a very small town and in that small town our house is 10 minutes out from said town. We live in a small subdivision it doesn't have a community/pool/whatever you call those things. It is located off of a very busy hwy. We are 25 minutes from a little bit larger city. With all that in mind add to it that there is not any kid's music classes, library days, mom groups, etc. Most of my mom friends actually work. So since Noah was born I have been searching for connection. A connection with other SAHMs. My search ended with nada.

I didn't really get to have some momma interactions until Noah was in PK4. I met up with a few mommas that I could text. I still yearned for more interaction. I pictured having at least 1 friend that lived nearby and we could set up playdates with our kids, go to local parks, have dinners together, go on family trips together. But nothing!!

And now that Noah will be in Kindergarten and Mason will attend PK3 next school year. I am at a loss. I've been leading towards finding a part time job when Mason goes to PK3. But I still yearn to be around other peeps that are in the same season as I am. It has made me want to talk to Todd about moving. I have two amazing best friends that live an hour south and one an hour north of me.

I feel so sad about this and I know about looking at what I do have instead of focusing on what I don't have. It is just that this has bugged me for a really long time and it is something I need.

Any thoughts?

Would you move your family to Atlanta to have more access to stay at home moms? And local activities the family could do? It would mean moving Noah to another school and being further from my parents. Which is sad :( Ugh wish God would yell at me what to do.

Sorry for the bummer post.

Advice welcome....thanks and love


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My boys

 MY BOYS~ Noah and Mason

Oh these boys keep me on my toes. They are growing like weeds and everyday is a new adventure. I love seeing their little personalities develop and their amazing relationship as brothers grow. Noah is protective of Mason and Mason looks up to Noah in every way. It is a monkey see, monkey do kinda relationship. As soon as Noah jumps off of the couch, Mason follows suit. It can be funny and can be scary!!! Noah helps Mason come down the stairs and loves trying to carry him around, which is getting hard each day b/c Mase is almost as big as Noah :)

I am so blessed that they have each other and I love being a boy momma. A few days ago they grossed me out by playing in muddy puddle and digging out moss and grass. Then at Easter they found tons of worms and thought it was funny to play with them. I have become a bug lover, but still am not much of a bug holder. I do not mind looking, but holding the bug is another level, lol!!

Easter was super relaxed this year and seemed to have a huge peace about it. Todd and I sat and watched Mason and Noah play and there wasn't this hustle and bustle as in years past. And just when you don't think your kids listen to you, you realize they do. I have been telling the boys about Easter and reason we celebrate. I felt like I wasn't getting through and then yesterday Noah was singing and doing a show for me. He sang about Jesus and dying on the cross for us and my heart just melted. He heard me and better yet there was a seed of God planted in his heart. It was a super awesome moment. Then at the dinner table yesterday Mason reminded all of us to pray. He said his prayer, he speaks his own baby language sometimes, then said Amen!! Another seed is planted!! I plan on planting tons of seeds and cannot wait to see the crop ahead.

We are ending up Noah's PK4 school year and looking at summer ahead. I am excited and nervous. I am excited to be able to take the boys on new adventures and enjoy the summer weather, but I am nervous about having both boys all of the time. They can be crazy :) Thankfully, I plan on keeping us very busy.

Until next time...kisses from the cutest boys in the world!!! 


Monday, January 26, 2015


I saw this on Pinterest and it just changed my perspective today, so I thought I would share. If you follow me on IG (DanaLivingston) then you have already viewed it. I looked back at my past and realized how I longed/yearned for a child. How much I went through to even be able to get pregnant and carry Noah and Mason. Now I have them and I am so thankful. It makes the wants of today nothing in comparison to what I HAVE now!!!!!
 Pinterest link

Yes there are times (TONS) that I wish I had my skinny figure back pre babies. There are times that I wish I was able to get more sleep and more free time. But when I get to snuggle into Mason's chunky baby belly I just melt and nothing is more important than that feeling. It is like seeing the smile on Noah's face when I pick him up from PK4 or getting one of his infamous hugs. Y'all they are healing hugs. All I can say is it is all PRICELESS!!!


Friday, January 9, 2015

The HAPS on us lately! Not really in order ;)

                                          Noah has started school, PK4, he LOVES it!!!

                                                           And he loves his teacher

                                                            A pic from the beach trip

                                                             Noah also started soccer

                                                His biggest supporter, lil bro Mase!!

Mason has been learning too, his mouth, nose, ear, head, and eyes!!! Also, we are working on colors!
Smart boy!!

Our mountain trip

My silly monkeys

Halloween 2014
Captain America
 And Mickey mouse (charlie brown pic from last year)


Mason's First Birthday!!

Mason's first bday was a lot of fun!!! We did a charley brown theme b/c Mason resembles him so much :)

Here is a pic recap of our day.

Mason is the sweetest little boy!! He loves and shows it! I love his kisses and hugs and his "talking". He is my sleeping buddy and the best snuggler. We love you Mase to the moon and back. We are beyond blessed to have you as our son. XOXOXO