Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Momma said there would be days like this!!

I know that every momma has had one of those days where they are about to flip their lid or may have already flipped their lid. Well today is one of those days!!!!

The day was doomed from the start b/c it is Todd's long day (14 hour day, works 8 am to 10 pm). I knew that I would need tons of patience and rest for a long day like today. Well, the rest part didn't come b/c of my Mason. He woke up twice last night and early this morning for another bottle and then dozed off to sleep for a little while longer until Noah woke up. I have become accustomed to no sleep but the moodiness from lack of sleep I have not mastered.

I woke up to Noah saying HELLO in his room and me answering I am in here. UGH, I looked at the clock yep just fed Mason 30 minutes ago and now he is up too after hearing Noah. Noah runs into the room and says, momma my diaper leaked and the bed is wet. Up and at 'em here we go.

I put both boys in Noah's room and grab up the sheets, then shut the door so they can safely play upstairs and tell Noah not to open the door so Mason won't go down the stairs. I rush downstairs to get the sheets on and then find myself sorting laundry in the laundry room and grabbing up another diaper for Mason, then Charlie needed to be let out and fed. I ran back upstairs to find Noah dressing himself ;) Which is fine with me, even if he picked out sweat pants, lol!!!

We grab Mason some clothes upstairs and head downstairs (I hate stairs) and start our morning routine. Mason is changed and I start doing breakfast for the kids. Once they get breakfast I finally have time to potty. Yes Mommas don't get to potty until all the work is done. Or if we do get to potty it is usually with a child or two (and a dog) in tow.

I was starving and both boys were watching tv and eating. I had Mason snapped in his seat so he couldn't get into mischief. I whipped up some of my new favorite chocolate pancakes. Yes I have offered my kids this and only one will eat them. MASON!!!! Still not sure how Noah can turn down chocolate chip pancakes with syrup on them. CRAZY!!

After posting an IG pic of the pancakes I felt guilty and extra fat so I only ate half. Then allowed myself to self hate for a while.

Life went on, a play date was cancelled, lunch was served, we worked on the letter A (but Noah wasn't into it), I held Mason off from his morning nap and bottle.

The plan was easy, hold Mason off from his early nap and get both boys down a bit early. Noah hasn't been napping b/c he is scared and since Mason's naps are before and after Noah's time of napping I haven't been able to sit with him while he naps. I have tried it all. Even if Mason and I are in the other room he still says he is scared, even with the tv on. I think I am being played.

I had Noah in my bed all cozy and Mason all asleep after rocking him and I gently got into bed. AHHHH that moment of I just might get some rest today, I am so super momma. Then Noah pops up, momma I have to poopy. CRAP!!! I guess that is the appropriate word.  He did his business then came and said I can't wipe. So while Mason was laying on my chest I wiped my child! Yep!!! We are working on him wiping himself but just starting. I told him to get back into bed and nap. He did then popped up again and said he had to tee tee. Off once again he went! This happened two more times.

I realized Noah wasn't going to nap so I gave him my phone and told him to sit in the rocker and play it for a while. Nope he decided popping on and off the bed was more fun and thumping me and rolling around. After a while it woke Mason up and I was so irritated.

My plan failed. And now I was more tired than before b/c I had sat there almost dozing off and didn't ever go to sleep. Up went were again and downstairs we went (I hate stairs).

Now it is 1 pm and I have not showered or worked out or had one second alone all day. I get it you are saying DUH that is motherhood, but every momma needs a moment sometimes!! We have been going going going since last weekend and I have been with the kids with no breaks and so I am at my wits end!!!

It is a put yourself in a closet/give yourself a time out kinda day!!

Don't mistake this message, I adore my kids and love them and rock my job as a momma! But a job of a momma is 24/7 365!!!