Monday, May 5, 2014

F O U R!!!

I cannot believe that soon my little miracle baby boy will be FOUR years old! How in the world did that happen? As I type that I am thinking of the struggle it took to get him!! The roller coaster we went through. And now he is about to be FOUR!!!

I think back on the first moment in the hospital with Noah, soaking up all of his newness and being so overjoyed that I could explode. I wanted to share him with the entire world, hold him up high and show him off.

I feel the same way today. He has grown into the best little boy. A gentlemen that holds the door for his momma now. A smart little MacGuver type that loves to figure out new ways to tie knots and arrange his toys into some new invention. His will is strong, but his heart is full of sweetness. He gets super sweet at bedtime with tons of kisses and I love you THIIIIISSS much as we say our night night prayers. And if daddy is doing bedtime he throws me kisses as they head upstairs. I love catching each one and sending one back.

His brown eyes are so innocent and full of life. He is full of life and energy. He says he is NEVER tired and can run all day if I would let him. He has developed both of our taste buds and loves candy like his daddy and crazy things like chips with ketchup like his momma. He loves his little brother dearly and enjoys teaching him new things each day. Everyday after school he asks Mason "did you miss me bubba?" And of course I reply with we both did soooo much. He loves to bring me surprises wrapped in spongebob bags and throw tons of bday parties for us all with cups of water and "cha chas".

FOUR is a big deal. He's not such a little boy anymore. He is growing into a child and that is bitter sweet. While I adore seeing the man he is becoming I am sad at the baby he is leaving behind. But I have so many wonderful memories and more memories yet to come.

Cannot wait to celebrate TMNT style on May 17......oh and then next month...guess who is turing ONE!!! SIGH...time is just too fast!!


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