Sunday, May 25, 2014

A mom fail day, but a lesson. Always growing and learning!

After yesterday, which will be known as the day of mom fail, I decided to start today on a new foot/outlook. Yesterday my main problem was that there were no breaks all day long, we started running as soon as we got up. I jumped on the elliptical and from there it was Noah don't do that to your brother, or crying, or constantly having to stop anything I was doing. And that was just 20 or so minutes on the elliptical.

Atleast I got a workout in, right? Then we didn't have much in the house to eat so I was grumpy. I get VERY grumpy if I don't eat!! I had an advocate shake but needed a good protein snack to keep me going. I crazily decided to try a new product that helps with oxygen intake while working out and run around the hood while pushing both boys...which is about 70 lbs.  Yeah looking back that was a really dumb mistake.

After that I was drained and my patience was beyond gone. The entire ride around the neighborhood Noah kept leaning forward and almost falling out. See he is Macguver and had somehow undone the straps on a shopping trip a while back so he is strapless in the double stroller. My supposedly peaceful run with my boys turned into a constant me saying Noah lay back, Noah you're going to fall out.

And once you get on a roll of saying NO it seems like you cannot stop and I hate that. I hate the me that is all NO,  NO, NO!! I know my kid and he thrives on saying no in a yes way. You mommas know what I mean!!!

Oh and to say that only girls are drama is false! My noah had several drama meltdowns throughout the day and does that daily!! He gets so dramatic over very little things and is just like a boy and rough and going around the house finding things to destroy. I get the best of both worlds, lol!!

To say I was in a bad mood is just plain minimizing it completely! I was ticked all day!

I thought well maybe we should get out of the house and raise morale! Yeah...momfail. At zaxbys I managed to balance carrying Mason and a tray of food and an enormous drink (I asked for a medium and got an enormous drink) all the while Mason was trying to grab the food and Noah wanted me to hold his hand. There were tons of ppl in there and I said out loud well this is going to be disastrous! But no one offered to help. Yes ppl chivalry is DEAD! I told Noah when he grows up and sees a momma that needs help you better help her! He said he would but right now he was too little and the tray would fall. He was so innocent and sweet I could have kissed him all over!

We then loaded up and headed to the grocery store, the kids were rockstars at the store. They were angels!!!!! I was so relived. We picked up some healthy snacks and headed home. By then I think it was like 2 and Todd didn't get off work til 6 and I thought to myself I am not going to make it.

Once home and unloaded (all groceries and kiddos) we headed outside for some playtime in the sand and water table which lead to both boys stripping down naked and running around. Of course Noah kept shooting Mason with the hose and it was cold water and I think I told him a million times to stop and put him in time out so much. I was losing my mind and the boys were all sandy so we went upstairs and I bathed them.

At that point I needed a break so I loaded them into the car where they could be still and hopefully a bit quiet and I could just drive and have some peace. I needed to chill and stop being so grumpy. I felt so guilty for being grumpy mom.

Todd came home soon after we came back and the rest is a blank. We did supper, movies, and bedtime and I was out by like 8!! Mason got up once last night and Todd and Noah woke us up at 7.

As I said in the beginning of this book I was going to start today on a new leaf. I put the boys at the table for bkfast and we started learning what kindness meant. I used scripture that Jesus wanted us to be kind to others and Noah and I thought of ways we could be kind. Of course he whined the entire time to get down. I'm going to have to work on my teaching skills, apparently I am boring. Then I challenged him to show kindness and earn stickers all day long. I prayed for God to guide me throughout the day and have more patience.

Even when I have days like this I still am very thankful for my boys and my life as stay at home momma, sure I'd love for Noah to listen the first time and for Mason to be a great sleeper...and for us to have friends to play with, but this is what God has given me and I am thankful for that.

Praise God in the storms, Praise God in the sunshine, Praise God always!!! And pray always!!!

Happy Memorial weekend! Thank you to all the amazing people that have lost their lives so I can live freely and have the freedom to praise God out loud and proud!!


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