Monday, April 14, 2014

Socks, yeah you read it right, socks!!

I am sitting here on a Monday after lunch and exhausted!! I just took Charlie (with Mason in toe) around the world to finish up his heart worm treatment. Oh and by the way carrying a 23 lb baby and maneuvering a 30 lb dog on a leash is a workout!!!

Mason is crawling around my bedroom, well begging to play with the laptop and refusing a nap, so I decided to try and blog. The house is a wreck, clothes need to be washed, and so much more needs to be done. But what do I do? Blog!! Darn right ;)

I have never been so emotionally, physically, and mentally drained and I just need a little "me" time. Granted it is while getting up every few letters to get Mason from eating the plug in or keep him from pinching his little chubby fingers in the drawer he just opened!!

And the funny thing is I wanna write about socks, yep socks. Nothing deep, no earth shattering news here, just socks!! I wore capris and had on those short socks(I am sure there is a proper name, but it eludes me). It was driving me nuts, those short socks with my tennis shoes. I kept trying to keep it together, but imagine a tiny drop of water dripping on your head every 3 seconds. AHHHHHH

Yep, that is me and short socks!! I don't know why but I have to have long socks on, they are like my blanky or something. I try to workout in short socks but afterwards I am so ready to just take those stinking things off. Maybe it is b/c I have larger ankles than most (thanks dad)? Maybe it is b/c of my pale skin and I can see (even if just shaved) my pores and hair about to come back up!

Whatever the reason, I loathe them and I do hope one day I can wear them and not have my skin crawl but until then, I am here in my long socks :)

Happy Monday!! lol


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