Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our week

This week has been fun!!!!

I managed to get Noah to school and workout in a monsoon!

I have learned that lil Mason is a daredevil and likes to climb, jump, and get into everything!!!! His latest ouchie though was just crazy. I was reading to both the boys in Noah's room and Mason leaned forward and hit Noah's footboard with his head, barely, and look at this boo boo!
Also, Mason has developed a rash and I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow to see what is going on, I sent the Dr. some pics and he thinks it is viral. I guess the gym's lil childcare program is a sharing one :( Say some prayers for him, he isn't feeling well at all!

Charlie is a stinker pot!!! And a cute one!! We took him to get groomed and y'all he looks like a different dog! I told the groomer to go really short to get his winter coat off and for us to start new. I will have to do a before and after shot! He looks so skinny now :)

We took Todd and his co-workers some milkshakes (no I didn't get one, I was good). I like to do that sometimes on his 14 hour day to help pep him and the others up a little, plus who doesn't like a chocolate milkshake!!

Thanks to Katie (at loves of life) I was motivated to get up and workout on my own! Dude it was hard but I pushed and did it!!!

Then I got to meet up with my Bestie, Jess, for a playdate with Noah and her son Austin. They are soooo cute! They play so well together. And I am so thankful they have been able to be close despite us living an hour away and sometimes further! We met up at McDonalds so they could play and we could chat! It was so nice and I can't wait to see them again soon!!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! I would be yelling YAY with the rest of y'all but Todd has to work this weekend so it isn't really a weekend for me without him! But YAY for y'all!! Have an amazing weekend!!! Try not to sneeze too much from all the pollen!!!


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