Monday, April 7, 2014

Last week!!

Last week was the beginning of Noah's spring break and the beginning of Todd's vacation. I managed to arrange a little get away to ATL for Todd and I. And I did it without him knowing :) Bonus points for me!!!!

So the morning of our getaway I told him to pack his things and we were dropping the kiddos off at his parents and headed to Atlanta for the night. We were soooo in need of this. And I am in no way saying I don't like being around my babes, it's just that we needed us time. Also, I have been secretly dreaming of waking up and not moving a muscle. As y'all know with kids you never get to do that, you are usually woken up by either screaming, crying, or loud yelling of the sun is up so we have to get up, get up, get up...then there is the bkfast routine of getting Noah his food and milk and Mason fed and changed. Goodness sometimes I don't even have time to pee until after I have them settled with breakfast and a show. I know TMI, but it is true!!!

So our adventure started early b/c 24 hours isn't long and I wanted to use every single second! I called ahead and asked the concierge to help us check in early and he came through and I requested rose petals! He even added a bonus of chocolate covered strawberries and champagne!!! Todd was totally shocked when we walked into the room and I loved the look on his face. I wanted him to feel super special and loved.

After we settled into our room and enjoyed the amazing view of the city, we could even see Stone Mountain in the distance, we decided to walk to our FAVORITE restaurant in ATL (Baronda). It is this small italian place that has such yummy authentic food. It was a mile, but the weather was nice and the scenery was as well. There was this gorgeous church we passed with a beautiful cross outside draped with a purple cloth. We just took our time and never had to worry about packing extra bags for the kids or stopping along the way to handle a tantrum.

The restaurant did NOT disappoint, we ate and laughed and held hands and just soaked in the time to just be able to look around and be in the moment. After eating I had been begging Todd to ride the new ferris wheel near  Centennial Olympic Park so he obliged. Instead of walking (it had gotten hotter) we called a cab. The ferris wheel was neat but not what I had expected. I was told later that it was way cooler at night with all the lights and such.

Then we called a cab so we could head back to the room and chill. Well, Todd wanted to nap and I wanted a massage. The hotel had a spa so I booked a massage and Todd took a very long and much needed nap.

The massage, oh my word!!! Seriously, I am going to have to go back at least every 3-6 mos and get one. It was AMMMMMAAAAZZZING!!! They treated me like a princess and I have to admit it was nice.

Later after we were both relaxed we decided to order room service and rent a movie and just veg out on the bed. I know to some that sounds boring but to us it was heaven on earth. We rented Anchor Man 2 and laughed the entire time. It was funny b/c by around 9 we were both ready for bed. I guess we are getting old!!!!

The next morning we slept in (like til 9) and ordered room service again for breakfast. At this hotel they treated us so well, I felt like we were royalty. I didn't even get up from bed to eat, it was amazing. Then I took my time getting a shower and getting ready. Y'all just don't know it has been forever since I have taken a shower without either someone crying in the background our me yelling don't do that to your brother!!!

It was the best 24 hours!!!!! I think every couple should do this at least twice a year. It is just really worth it to make sure you put you and your spouse at the top of the list sometimes. You know when the kids are off and gone, flown away from the nest, it will just be you two. And you wanna know that person and not feel like y'all are strangers!!

I would post pictures, but I am keeping those to myself ;)


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