Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Monday I drove in a monsoon to workout!! Yep, I drove 30 minutes in barely visible driving conditions and I am so proud of myself.

I woke up extremely tired and pondering even taking Noah to school, ya see you can do that when they are three!! But I knew if I didn't take him and go work out then I would NEVER reach my goal of being fit in 2014. It was this voice inside of me saying DANA if you don't go today you might as well just give up, and I wasn't about to give up!!

The boys were a little more moody than usual. I think it's b/c it was the first day back after spring break and we had gotten in the habit of going to bed later and they were just sleepy. Noah had issues with his socks and Mason was a stage 5 clinger ALL day. I really think he isn't feeling well, I am guessing teething!! It took Todd and I doing everything we could to get out the door and on our way on time.

Then I drove up to the school and just sighed, it was raining, no it was pouring gallons of water down. I went to grab my umbrella and decided I didn't have enough hands so we were gonna just get wet!!! I got Mason out, then Noah, and held them both in my arms with Noah's book bag and nap essentials. Yes that is right I carried them both!!! I told myself that was my warm up for the day.

Noah did great inside, he never fussed or whined and I was pleasantly surprised. I sprinted off to trek up north to civilization to work out. Mason was ticked that he had to get back in the carseat again, but after a while the rain lulled him to sleep. The drive was nuts, I had to go slow b/c most of the time I couldn't see.

The class didn't start for another 30 minutes so I had time to feed Mason which was perfect. I dropped him off in the childcare room. He does great in there and I am so glad. Then headed to group power. It has been a while since I did group power. I mean like over two years. I loaded up my bar and had extra weights on hand b/c I had no idea what the instructor had in mind.

It went well, but there were moments when I was in the middle of a set and thought yep should not have added that extra weight. But you know too embarrassed to stop and take it off in the middle of a set. There is something about working out with other people that makes you really push yourself. I was in the front so I could see all the other ppl behind me and I just kept telling myself I could do it, keep going!!!

After class I loaded Mason up and headed home. The rain made me sleepy and I was hoping for some down time at home. The rain made Mason sleepy too so he napped in the car and I knew that my downtime wasn't gonna happen. I started craving protein so I had it in my head that was going to eat tuna for lunch.

Mason was sooooooooooo fussy so I did everything while holding him!!! I managed to scarf down my lunch and then decided that Mason needed another nap b/c he was just soooo fussy. I also suspected teething so I dosed him with Ibuprofen and we headed upstairs.

He went to sleep and we layed on the bed. It takes me FOREVER to relax enough to doze off but just in case I set my alarm so I wouldn't miss picking Noah up from school. Just when I dozed off Mason woke up, but it worked out perfectly b/c I needed a shower. We were going out for dinner for my MIL's bday later and I knew this was the only time I would have to get ready.

We picked Noah up and headed home. Oh did I mention that Charlie ended up pooping in his cage b/c he would NOT go out to potty b/c of the rain. Yeah I called Todd and told him that we needed to bathe the kids and be out the door by 4 to eat dinner so we could come home and bathe Charlie and clean out his crate.

Todd and I tag teamed the kiddos and bathed them and ended up going out the door earlier than expected, score for us!! We ate dinner then headed home to poor Charlie. Noah insisted on helping Daddy. And yes it was still raining, but just a little drizzle at this point. While Noah cleaned our swing outside Todd bathed Charlie and cleaned out his crate. And I entertained my little daredevil Mason!!

That child!! He climbs everything and has NO fear of falling. He is just into everything and going 90 to nothing. Then he got fussy again! So he wasn't happy in my arms or playing and I was ready for a mommy time out.

Thankfully, Todd and Noah came in and we got ready for bed!!! I wrestled Mason to sleep and headed up with my computer for some Dana time.

It has been a loooooong day and I am sore from working out. I managed to stay on track with my calorie intake via MFP. I even had some calories leftover!! Mason is snoozing and morning will get here fast! Here's to hoping he sleeps through the night and tomorrow goes smoothly. Pray for me b/c Todd is pulling his 14 hour shift tomorrow and those are always tough!! I really wanna take the class Ripped, but I am not sure I can hold out all day since he won't be here to help!

I am making progress, I have lost 4 lbs and mainly I am just proud of myself. I am starting to get addicted to working out and if I see that I am going to miss a day I get bummed!!


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Amanda said...

Get it mama! I'm such a group fitness addict...it's the only way I will EVER push myself enough to get fit!