Thursday, April 24, 2014


"To thine own self be true" from Hamlet by Shakespeare

Yeah I had to look it up....who wrote it? I have heard the phrase before and it has really been my theme song lately. I wasn't even aware of it until now. But how do you be true to yourself if you aren't even sure who you are?

I will have to admit that most days I am just trying to make sure two sweet little boys make it through the day healthy, loved, fed, and not psychologically scarred!! Yes the counselor in me worries about that. I guess we all do as parents. We all have moments of oh crap did I say that right, is he going to be scarred for life now? Atleast I know I do.

So I guess if you asked me who I was my first thought would be MOMMA. That is my main role I do everyday 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And right now with an almost 11 month old that is into everything from the dogfood to chalk and a three year old going on 13 I am in survival mode a lot of the time.

I hate to say that my second identifier would be wife. Although I probably haven't been the best wife lately. And I could go on to say Christian. I am sad to say it hits the list at number 3 instead of number 1.

Christian to me is so much more than oh I go to church (which by the way I don't always make it to...okay lets be really's been a while...I don't go more than I go). It means that I have a relationship with God, Jesus, My sweet Lord.

Although that relationship is a bit rocky right now. Wow, who knew that one phrase about self could be dissected so much?? Yeah this is pretty much how I think, and it can be overwhelming ALL of the time. In counseling classes the professors teach you to analyze. Each detail tells a story about someone. Well once you've mastered it they did not warn me that it would spill over into my entire life or way of seeing the world. I guess it was my nature to begin with and then I worked a lot at it and now it is me.

So my next explanation of self would be----analytical!! But mix that with tender hearted. I hate saying over emotional.

So here I am a worrying/surviving momma, half arse wife, non going to church christian, and an analytical tender hearted person! Wow, I sound fun!!

To this I must be true??

Maybe I have it wrong? Maybe I am not defined by just now, this moment, this snapshot in my life. Maybe just maybe there is more to self!

I sure hope so...gotta go and pray about it!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter Y'all

I think I always tend to go more and more overboard on holidays and this year was no exception! Oh well, I don't care what others think I just love spoiling my boys! I mean wouldn't you wanna spoil these two delicious and sweet brothers??

Wishing y'all a very HAPPY EASTER!! And am I the only one struggling with the whole easter bunny thing? I know it is all in fun, but it just seems so ridiculous! I cannot wrap my mind around telling Noah and Mason that there is a bunny that brought them some goodies and then try and relate that to Christ dying on the cross and rising from the dead. I mean it doesn't even compare, Christ dying for our sins vs a bunny ?? Am I missing something. So until Todd and I can figure this out were  just gonna tell the boys that we got them the goodies to celebrate Jesus rising front the dead. We've been able to have a few conversations with Noah about how Jesus died on the cross for our sins and on the third day he rose from the dead.

At bedtime I just adore how Noah prays to God. It is so innocent and the way we should all pray. He just talks to his friend. He remembers his family and thanks God for all of his important things like for puddles to jump in or his trampoline :) Also, he gets serious and thanks God for food and his family. Oh and asks for forgiveness of our sins. I'd say he is just a natural, but aren't all children?


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


What does FAMILY mean?

Merriam-Webster defines it as :


: a group of people who are related to each other
: a person's children
: a group of related people including people who lived in the past

It gets even more detailed and includes ppl living under the same roof, people that have the same convictions or beliefs, and even a unit of crime. 

How do you define FAMILY?

Certain occurrences in my life has made me want to look at this and I guess the easy answer is everyone defines family differently! You could see a friend of 15 years as family and not see a blood relative as family. There are blended families, families through adoption, families within a church bond. There are so many ways to really see what this word means.

Some people take it very serious, others take it lightly. But there is one thing for I am sure and that is time doesn't care what you think. You can see whatever definition you want of family and time ticks onward. Time goes on and time will go on when we are gone.

I guess what I am trying to say is that maybe we all should really think about how we define family. Do we include distant relatives or friends, maybe even church members or sorority sisters. However you define family just make sure to let this family know they are included. B/c as I said before time doesn't care. It ticks onward!! Don't you hear it? TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK!

I personally do not want to look back on my life and feel sad that I didn't really take this word FAMILY serious enough and wish I could've should've would've!

I guess I should share how I define family! Well, I think I am still learning and adjusting my definition. I am not sure to what standard someone has to follow to be considered family. The only thing I can come up with is that you can argue like crazy but still love each other and laugh after those arguments. Maybe that is family, ppl that will put up with you and that you put up with. They are the people you fight for and the people you fight with. The people that fill your fond memories of pure joy, pure raw emotion!!! The people you would do anything for.......

So how do you define family??

Monday, April 14, 2014

Terrible and Terrifying!!

Terrible and Terrifying! Those are the words I have heard to describe the age of Two and the age of Three!! And I am learning that for us it is THREE that has been the most challenging age!! Don't get me wrong there are TONS of TERRIFIC THREE moments!!! TONS, but there are quite a bit of TERRIFYING THREE moments as well.

I know it has to do with Noah wanting control and trying to be more independent. Also, you add in tons of emotions and a kid that doesn't know how to handle them and there is a catastrophe. I blame it on Todd and I b/c we are ultimately Noah's teachers in emotions and we need to work better on showing the proper way to handle them.

It has been a tough almost two years b/c of my pregnancy hormones and now my no sleep/depression after having Mason. If Noah is acting out and Mason is napping in my arms (yeah that is another post) I am less likely to be patient with Noah and show proper anger or frustration control.

We've been working on many things with Noah. We've taught him that it is okay to be angry or sad. all emotions are okay. What isn't okay is how we express or show them. If he decides that hitting us or kicking the wall is how he displays his anger we show him better ways to deal/cope.

It is a work in progress. First I told him to tell us that he is mad/sad/etc. He can say "Momma I am mad" and I taught him to breath in and out to calm down or if he wants to he can scream into a pillow or punch a pillow. I am rethinking the punching the pillow b/c I am not sure if that is sending mixed messages. I also make sure to explain to him about empathy, in his age version.

For instance, I ask him if he would like it if someone hit him and how he would feel if someone hit him. Then we chat about what he could have done differently.

As for punishments for these things, lately we warn him first and tell him if he does it again he gets time our or loses something that day (like his favorite snack at bedtime). He knows that somethings are instant timeouts like hitting!!

It can be so frustrating b/c as you know lots of people have advice on this subject, but I firmly believe that each parent has to parent her child differently mainly because each child is different.

Also, Noah has been avoiding sleep like it is the plague so that doesn't help. As we all know a tired tot is like the hulk on steroids!!! He can't think properly and acts out more. Another thing we are going to try after using these techniques is work on less sugar in his diet. I honestly think sugar effects Noah and he has so much energy normally that extra sugar is not a good thing.

Now I cannot end on negative things, I have to share some of the TERRIFIC THREE moments as well. I love how he is so considerate and ALWAYS goes to the fridge at my house and my parent's house and gets EVERYONE something to drink. He knows what each of us likes to drink and I think it is so sweet.

He also is a great helper and loves to help me with Mason by getting me diapers or wipes. And he loves to help me clean, it makes him feel like a big boy and I enjoy the extra help.

His silliness just makes for a fun time. He thinks certain words are hilarious and he helps me to see the world in a  whole new light of FUN!! Oh and his prayers, whether at dinner or bedtime, are so genuine and he just talks to Jesus.

At night in his bed he gets extra lovey! He talks about how much he loves me, he holds his arms out wide and says a WHOOOOLE bunch! I cherish those moments. Other moments I cherish is seeing him with his brother. Especially when he tries to comfort him when he is crying or asks him in the car after school if Mason has missed him.

The boy has a big heart and I am excited to see how God uses his determined spirit for good!


Socks, yeah you read it right, socks!!

I am sitting here on a Monday after lunch and exhausted!! I just took Charlie (with Mason in toe) around the world to finish up his heart worm treatment. Oh and by the way carrying a 23 lb baby and maneuvering a 30 lb dog on a leash is a workout!!!

Mason is crawling around my bedroom, well begging to play with the laptop and refusing a nap, so I decided to try and blog. The house is a wreck, clothes need to be washed, and so much more needs to be done. But what do I do? Blog!! Darn right ;)

I have never been so emotionally, physically, and mentally drained and I just need a little "me" time. Granted it is while getting up every few letters to get Mason from eating the plug in or keep him from pinching his little chubby fingers in the drawer he just opened!!

And the funny thing is I wanna write about socks, yep socks. Nothing deep, no earth shattering news here, just socks!! I wore capris and had on those short socks(I am sure there is a proper name, but it eludes me). It was driving me nuts, those short socks with my tennis shoes. I kept trying to keep it together, but imagine a tiny drop of water dripping on your head every 3 seconds. AHHHHHH

Yep, that is me and short socks!! I don't know why but I have to have long socks on, they are like my blanky or something. I try to workout in short socks but afterwards I am so ready to just take those stinking things off. Maybe it is b/c I have larger ankles than most (thanks dad)? Maybe it is b/c of my pale skin and I can see (even if just shaved) my pores and hair about to come back up!

Whatever the reason, I loathe them and I do hope one day I can wear them and not have my skin crawl but until then, I am here in my long socks :)

Happy Monday!! lol


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our week

This week has been fun!!!!

I managed to get Noah to school and workout in a monsoon!

I have learned that lil Mason is a daredevil and likes to climb, jump, and get into everything!!!! His latest ouchie though was just crazy. I was reading to both the boys in Noah's room and Mason leaned forward and hit Noah's footboard with his head, barely, and look at this boo boo!
Also, Mason has developed a rash and I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow to see what is going on, I sent the Dr. some pics and he thinks it is viral. I guess the gym's lil childcare program is a sharing one :( Say some prayers for him, he isn't feeling well at all!

Charlie is a stinker pot!!! And a cute one!! We took him to get groomed and y'all he looks like a different dog! I told the groomer to go really short to get his winter coat off and for us to start new. I will have to do a before and after shot! He looks so skinny now :)

We took Todd and his co-workers some milkshakes (no I didn't get one, I was good). I like to do that sometimes on his 14 hour day to help pep him and the others up a little, plus who doesn't like a chocolate milkshake!!

Thanks to Katie (at loves of life) I was motivated to get up and workout on my own! Dude it was hard but I pushed and did it!!!

Then I got to meet up with my Bestie, Jess, for a playdate with Noah and her son Austin. They are soooo cute! They play so well together. And I am so thankful they have been able to be close despite us living an hour away and sometimes further! We met up at McDonalds so they could play and we could chat! It was so nice and I can't wait to see them again soon!!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! I would be yelling YAY with the rest of y'all but Todd has to work this weekend so it isn't really a weekend for me without him! But YAY for y'all!! Have an amazing weekend!!! Try not to sneeze too much from all the pollen!!!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Monday I drove in a monsoon to workout!! Yep, I drove 30 minutes in barely visible driving conditions and I am so proud of myself.

I woke up extremely tired and pondering even taking Noah to school, ya see you can do that when they are three!! But I knew if I didn't take him and go work out then I would NEVER reach my goal of being fit in 2014. It was this voice inside of me saying DANA if you don't go today you might as well just give up, and I wasn't about to give up!!

The boys were a little more moody than usual. I think it's b/c it was the first day back after spring break and we had gotten in the habit of going to bed later and they were just sleepy. Noah had issues with his socks and Mason was a stage 5 clinger ALL day. I really think he isn't feeling well, I am guessing teething!! It took Todd and I doing everything we could to get out the door and on our way on time.

Then I drove up to the school and just sighed, it was raining, no it was pouring gallons of water down. I went to grab my umbrella and decided I didn't have enough hands so we were gonna just get wet!!! I got Mason out, then Noah, and held them both in my arms with Noah's book bag and nap essentials. Yes that is right I carried them both!!! I told myself that was my warm up for the day.

Noah did great inside, he never fussed or whined and I was pleasantly surprised. I sprinted off to trek up north to civilization to work out. Mason was ticked that he had to get back in the carseat again, but after a while the rain lulled him to sleep. The drive was nuts, I had to go slow b/c most of the time I couldn't see.

The class didn't start for another 30 minutes so I had time to feed Mason which was perfect. I dropped him off in the childcare room. He does great in there and I am so glad. Then headed to group power. It has been a while since I did group power. I mean like over two years. I loaded up my bar and had extra weights on hand b/c I had no idea what the instructor had in mind.

It went well, but there were moments when I was in the middle of a set and thought yep should not have added that extra weight. But you know too embarrassed to stop and take it off in the middle of a set. There is something about working out with other people that makes you really push yourself. I was in the front so I could see all the other ppl behind me and I just kept telling myself I could do it, keep going!!!

After class I loaded Mason up and headed home. The rain made me sleepy and I was hoping for some down time at home. The rain made Mason sleepy too so he napped in the car and I knew that my downtime wasn't gonna happen. I started craving protein so I had it in my head that was going to eat tuna for lunch.

Mason was sooooooooooo fussy so I did everything while holding him!!! I managed to scarf down my lunch and then decided that Mason needed another nap b/c he was just soooo fussy. I also suspected teething so I dosed him with Ibuprofen and we headed upstairs.

He went to sleep and we layed on the bed. It takes me FOREVER to relax enough to doze off but just in case I set my alarm so I wouldn't miss picking Noah up from school. Just when I dozed off Mason woke up, but it worked out perfectly b/c I needed a shower. We were going out for dinner for my MIL's bday later and I knew this was the only time I would have to get ready.

We picked Noah up and headed home. Oh did I mention that Charlie ended up pooping in his cage b/c he would NOT go out to potty b/c of the rain. Yeah I called Todd and told him that we needed to bathe the kids and be out the door by 4 to eat dinner so we could come home and bathe Charlie and clean out his crate.

Todd and I tag teamed the kiddos and bathed them and ended up going out the door earlier than expected, score for us!! We ate dinner then headed home to poor Charlie. Noah insisted on helping Daddy. And yes it was still raining, but just a little drizzle at this point. While Noah cleaned our swing outside Todd bathed Charlie and cleaned out his crate. And I entertained my little daredevil Mason!!

That child!! He climbs everything and has NO fear of falling. He is just into everything and going 90 to nothing. Then he got fussy again! So he wasn't happy in my arms or playing and I was ready for a mommy time out.

Thankfully, Todd and Noah came in and we got ready for bed!!! I wrestled Mason to sleep and headed up with my computer for some Dana time.

It has been a loooooong day and I am sore from working out. I managed to stay on track with my calorie intake via MFP. I even had some calories leftover!! Mason is snoozing and morning will get here fast! Here's to hoping he sleeps through the night and tomorrow goes smoothly. Pray for me b/c Todd is pulling his 14 hour shift tomorrow and those are always tough!! I really wanna take the class Ripped, but I am not sure I can hold out all day since he won't be here to help!

I am making progress, I have lost 4 lbs and mainly I am just proud of myself. I am starting to get addicted to working out and if I see that I am going to miss a day I get bummed!!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Last week!!

Last week was the beginning of Noah's spring break and the beginning of Todd's vacation. I managed to arrange a little get away to ATL for Todd and I. And I did it without him knowing :) Bonus points for me!!!!

So the morning of our getaway I told him to pack his things and we were dropping the kiddos off at his parents and headed to Atlanta for the night. We were soooo in need of this. And I am in no way saying I don't like being around my babes, it's just that we needed us time. Also, I have been secretly dreaming of waking up and not moving a muscle. As y'all know with kids you never get to do that, you are usually woken up by either screaming, crying, or loud yelling of the sun is up so we have to get up, get up, get up...then there is the bkfast routine of getting Noah his food and milk and Mason fed and changed. Goodness sometimes I don't even have time to pee until after I have them settled with breakfast and a show. I know TMI, but it is true!!!

So our adventure started early b/c 24 hours isn't long and I wanted to use every single second! I called ahead and asked the concierge to help us check in early and he came through and I requested rose petals! He even added a bonus of chocolate covered strawberries and champagne!!! Todd was totally shocked when we walked into the room and I loved the look on his face. I wanted him to feel super special and loved.

After we settled into our room and enjoyed the amazing view of the city, we could even see Stone Mountain in the distance, we decided to walk to our FAVORITE restaurant in ATL (Baronda). It is this small italian place that has such yummy authentic food. It was a mile, but the weather was nice and the scenery was as well. There was this gorgeous church we passed with a beautiful cross outside draped with a purple cloth. We just took our time and never had to worry about packing extra bags for the kids or stopping along the way to handle a tantrum.

The restaurant did NOT disappoint, we ate and laughed and held hands and just soaked in the time to just be able to look around and be in the moment. After eating I had been begging Todd to ride the new ferris wheel near  Centennial Olympic Park so he obliged. Instead of walking (it had gotten hotter) we called a cab. The ferris wheel was neat but not what I had expected. I was told later that it was way cooler at night with all the lights and such.

Then we called a cab so we could head back to the room and chill. Well, Todd wanted to nap and I wanted a massage. The hotel had a spa so I booked a massage and Todd took a very long and much needed nap.

The massage, oh my word!!! Seriously, I am going to have to go back at least every 3-6 mos and get one. It was AMMMMMAAAAZZZING!!! They treated me like a princess and I have to admit it was nice.

Later after we were both relaxed we decided to order room service and rent a movie and just veg out on the bed. I know to some that sounds boring but to us it was heaven on earth. We rented Anchor Man 2 and laughed the entire time. It was funny b/c by around 9 we were both ready for bed. I guess we are getting old!!!!

The next morning we slept in (like til 9) and ordered room service again for breakfast. At this hotel they treated us so well, I felt like we were royalty. I didn't even get up from bed to eat, it was amazing. Then I took my time getting a shower and getting ready. Y'all just don't know it has been forever since I have taken a shower without either someone crying in the background our me yelling don't do that to your brother!!!

It was the best 24 hours!!!!! I think every couple should do this at least twice a year. It is just really worth it to make sure you put you and your spouse at the top of the list sometimes. You know when the kids are off and gone, flown away from the nest, it will just be you two. And you wanna know that person and not feel like y'all are strangers!!

I would post pictures, but I am keeping those to myself ;)


Just a few pics front the weekend!!

Noah went fishing for the first time with his daddy, papa, and cousin Jacob! He enjoyed it, but they didn't catch anything so he got a bit bored at the end! I adore this picture of my sweet boy!!

Then Noah and his cousin/bestie Anna Claire played ALL day while my sis, momma, mason, and carley went shopping! They had a blast!!! 

And here's my boys in from of the old Yatesville depot. Love the classic look! And yes they are matching :)

Happy MONDAY!!!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cross Tattoo

Guess who got a tattoo??

ME!!! I know shocker!! Well if you follow me on Pinterest you probably knew I have been contemplating it so I finally did it!!

And I am SOOOOO happy I did!! I love it! It did not hurt one bit and I love looking down and seeing a cross, the reminder of how much Christ loves us!!!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Morning Action! Or lack thereof

Saturday morning scene!
Remember those from Loves of Life? By the way it's her birthday today so head over to her space and wish her a happy one!!!!

Here's ours this AM! Watching the jungle book with Noah (I love singing along to the songs) and Todd and Mase are catching a snoozer!!

Hope y'all are enjoying your Saturday too!!