Sunday, March 23, 2014


This was Todd's day off so we packed in as much FAM time as we could!


Our day was nonstop go go go!!!! We started our day at the buttcrack of dawn (aka 6:30 am) b/c every parent knows that children have this sensor when you are able to sleep in that they must get up extra early. It had been another rough night with Mason, poor thang couldn't breath and just couldn't get comfortable.

We loaded up and headed off to the vet to get Charlie some shots. He has heart worms and has had this major regimen of shots and treatment to get rid of them. It has been a long journey and we pray it works. He rocks!! Well, mom brain me sent us the wrong way. Ya see the vet that the adoption place uses and is paying for treatments is almost an hour and a half away. After turning around, calling the vets office several times, checking my maps on my phone (which wouldn't register anything cause we were out in nowhere), and finally calling my Daddy we found the stinkin place. Charlie was in and out with his shot and we were finally able to head back home.

Noah was done with the car ride so we headed back to civilization to the park and I dropped Todd and the boys off while I ran and got us lunch. They had so much fun!
Even  Charlie got out and enjoyed say hello to everyone at the park! He is just such a lover!!

After lunch we loaded a very upset (and having a fit) Noah into the car. He was NOT ready to leave. Mason was fine and ready for a nap  :)

Once we arrived home we couldn't believe it was only like 2 pm. Noah had skipped a nap so we knew we were in for some craziness. Our plan was to tire him out and hope he went to bed early. That didn't go as planned :)

We played outside, we played inside, we strolled around the neighborhood!! We were exhausted and thought oh finally it must be time for bath and bed and we looked at the clock and it was 4:30!!

This was our reaction!!

But we just decided we would bath the boys and pop in a movie upstairs and they would just go to sleep so easily and we could just hang out together, just us two! Yeah that WAS the plan!!

Those plans never really worked! Mason was wide open wanting to climb off of the bed and by climb off I mean just climb to the edge and with no fear fall right off. No we didn't let him do that!! Mason wanted to play in the floor so Noah wanted to play. He jumped on the bed and then it started. If you have two kids you know what I mean. They started feeding off of each other's energy and before we knew it we were in the floor playing some more and it was apparent that no one was going to sleep. HA!!!

A very tired Todd and Dana finally got the munchkins to sleep, but then we fell asleep! It was a good tired!!

Oh and SPRING gave us a gift, SPRING ALLERGIES!! Thanks spring!!


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