Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our weekend!!!

After a LOOOONG Thursday and LOOONG Thursday night with Mason not sleeping b/c of his stuffy nose, again thanks spring! We woke up to get Noah ready for school and he seemed to not be feeling well either, so we decided to take a chill day at home, which really isn't ever chill is it?

I wanted to get out of the house and cheer Noah up so we headed to the nearest red box looking for Frozen. I knew since it was Friday and that it was just released that my chances of getting it were slim, but we live too far away to head to an actual store to buy it. I tried and told Noah that he might not get it and he was so sweet and said momma that is okay at least we tried. :) Instead we rented cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2.

Fast forward to saturday b/c Friday was just about survival :) til Todd got off of work!!!

It was Todd's weekend off and we were so psyched b/c we could just do whatever we wanted! Plus I had an extra pair of hands and that is ALWAYS awesome!! Saturday begins and Mason was just so pitiful!!

While Mason was sick, my other boys headed out to get groceries and hit up another park. What can I say Noah loves parks and I can't blame him one bit. While they were gone Mason played a little, cruised a lot!

And then slept ALOT!! As he slept I soaked in all of his sweet details from his lashes to his hands!!

Todd and Noah surprise us with some yummy food to grill so my grill masters got a late lunch ready for us to eat!!

It was delicious!!! As you can see above, I am so blessed because not only did Todd grill but he cleaned the kitchen up afterwards also. Y'all I have an amazing husband, seriously!

While Todd cleaned up I kept these two occupied, or should I say they kept me occupied. I just love seeing them play together and love seeing Noah teach Mason new things and see Mason try to do everything Noah is doing. Bubbas forever :)

And after another long day we decided to chill and give the kiddos allergy meds so that they would be able to sleep better which hopefully meant we would sleep better!! 
I love this picture of Todd holding the boys!! 
This IS my heart, my joy!!!!

Nope the weekend isn't over just yet so hold your horses, or as I tell Noah to hold onto his pants (and he literally does it). Sunday was fun too b/c my nephew was baptized. We are just so proud of him and were so psyched to get to witness it.

We all went out to eat to celebrate then headed to Target to buy Frozen :) hehe!! This evening was chill b/c Todd let me meditate. As you've read in previous posts I have been dealing with depression and anxiety. Most recently panic attacks. Well after some triggers I really needed to just meditate on my happiness, which to me is thinking about helping others and the fun things I can do for them. I must have really got relaxed while meditating b/c I fell asleep and my AMAZING husband let me nap. I swear I hit the jackpot with him! He has been so understand and loving through all of my craziness. He loves me for me!!

Tonight as I finish up this book of a post all I can think of is how blessed I truly am. I have my Mason snoring beside me :) and my other loves sleeping in the other room. Our house is full of love, crazy a lot of the time, but full of love.

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