Friday, March 14, 2014

LL update

To say it has been a while is just obvious and stated way too much!

By now Mason is 9 months old! Yep NINE!! He has three teeth, is crawling, and weighs 22 lbs!!!! Having two kiddos has been challenging to say the least, but just as rewarding if not more so. Noah is getting closer to 4 years old everyday and I am in total denial. He is over halfway done with his first year of 3K and enjoys the heck out of school. And because EVERYONE loves pictures here are just a few:

 Mason's monthly pictures are getting more challenging since he is constantly in motion :)

 Always smiling!!!

 Valentine's Day annual kissy picture!

 Noah is such a big helper!!!! Helping feed Mason, he helps get diapers and is such an awesome big bro!!

 Never a dull moment as a boy momma, Noah wanted to make "soup" or compost as I called it, HAHA!! 

 First big bruise on his head and a cute valentine's day shirt! 
hashtag most eligible bachelor

 Character day at SGES and Noah went as his FAV: MM

Very first time drinking hot cocoa, yes I know it took a while, but y'all this child is picky when it comes to food!!!!!

We have had snow, lots of ice, lots of colds, one surgery, got a new addition to the family (another post), put our house on the market, lost weight...then gained back said lost weight, had boo boos, tons of laughter and tears, sleepless nights, cuddles and kisses, date nights, and much much more! 


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