Monday, March 17, 2014

I am NOT trendy!!! Its not that I don't try, but bless my heart I am surely trendy challenged!!!

Case in point!!!

The latest trends I really wanna try are the headbands like this, but why is my hair the only hair that seems to bunch up?? HUH??? Other cute trends would be the shorter boot with the tight jeans. Yeah I tried that  and I looked like I was from the eighties rocking a tight roll. Y'all 80s babies know what I am talking about!! And lastly, I wanna rock the red lipstick trend, but I just look silly!!

Most days I wish that the trend was yoga pants and tees! I would be the trendiest gal on the block. Is that even a word?

I now have to get my hair colored b/c my 3 year old asked me why I have gray in my hair, lol!! Then proceeded to be super freaked out that I was getting old, shouldn't I be the one freaking out!! It is a good excuse to hit the salon. Something I rarely do.

Here's to all you trend setters and hoping my yoga pants and tees will soon hit the trend scene!!
Happy MONDAY!!! Can't wait to report on how the doctor went!!


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