Monday, March 24, 2014


Over our crazy weekend I managed to hit up the elliptical, do some baby burpees( HEHE), and some weight lifting. As I was on my elliptical I kept noticing my watch say I was out of my zone. I wondered if that was bad, so I called my friend and she said NO WAY that is a good thing.

It's crazy once you get over that certain mark of time and you are just able to push yourself and you are on a fitness high. I am still watching what I eat and getting workouts in when I can. Whether it be hardcore on the elliptical plus some of my own add ons or taking the kids around the neighborhood. I especially loved getting out with my parents and taking the kids to the walking track (which has a playground, score for Noah).

I was able to push Mason and do some jogging then walking then jogging then walking. It is a start and I am loving it!! They have swings and at one point I just got in and was swinging so high and feeling like a kid again. I told Todd that if we ever put in a playground for the boys we must have adult swings like the old school ones!!!

Here's some shots of our time with my parents!

And I love this video of Noah running to me! 
If you are gonna get fit, why not involve the entire family!
Now my momma and daddy hit up the walking track every evening!
Way to go y'all!!! xoxox


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Sarah said...

Hi Dana! New to your blog and your boys are just presh. I love the pic in the post below with the chunky hands!! Anyway, wanted to invite you to the easter basket blog hop coming in a couple weeks. Details on the blog but I'd love to see what Mason and Noah get in their baskets!