Friday, March 21, 2014


I decided with the help of a great friend (Lauren) to hit up a gym and take a class this week. I worked out great b/c it was a day Noah went to school and this gym had childcare. The gym in my town does not have childcare and that just annoys me!!

The class is called RIPPED! Yeah it terrified me. Not just from the name but b/c lets face it I haven't worked out seriously in well over two years. I was pregnant  and now Mason is 9 months old. The last time I hit the gym hard I weighed ALOT less and had NO kiddos so I could run home and sleep whenever and go to classes whenever. Things were so different.

I worried if I would even be able to keep up. I worried that I would look silly all jiggly and trying to do moves that my body screamed it couldn't do. I even tried to talk myself out of taking the class. It's too far to drive, yadda yadda yadda!!

But I didn't :) I went and wanted to share my day with y'all!!! It was a Tuesday so Todd works 14 hours on those days and Noah goes to school. Todd and I tag teamed getting Noah's things ready for school that morning and I had to add getting Mason's things and my things ready as well. I needed to drink my shake, pack a healthy lunch (b/c of the distance), and have water, my polar watch, and look gym worthy :)

I headed out with my boys (on time) and took Noah to school. I walk Noah in b/c well he is 3 and it's kinda necessary :) I carry Mason and most mornings I carry Noah and his book bag/lunch box/nap gear. It is a work out in and of itself. If I don't carry Noah then I hold his hand and he drags along whining about how cold it is and doesn't understand that the faster we walk then the faster he will be warm. Oh my...3 year olds!! Let me digress and take a minute to address my need for tons of drinks, HA (in pic below) I needed my shake, water, tea(aka my coffee), and a coke zero(lunch).
 After dropping Noah off, Mason and I headed up to the gym. I wanted to get there early to do the free one week trial and get Mason situated in the kids room. Mason seemed to be good in the room so I waited on the class to start and to meet up with my friend. It is always nice to have a friend to do classes with :)
 And dude that class was TOUGH!! I have NEVER done a burpee in my life and when the instructor started doing them my jaw literally dropped. I couldn't help it, I just stood there stunned that people's bodies could even do such an activity. And surely mine would NEVER be able to! Then I thought if Jesus can endure the cross I can do some dang burpees!!! I went into push up position and did my best to jump up. My mind knew what to do, but my body really lagged behind. I know I looked ridiculous, but I didn't care!! I did them a lot slower than the other ppl but I would try and do as many as I could. They weren't pretty or perfect, but I did my best! So booya!! At the end of the class I looked at my watch and I had burned 500 calories. That was AWESOME!!! My face was as red as a beet, but I was so happy with myself. And honestly there was a time when I thought I was gonna throw up, but it felt so good to push myself. My face always gets really red when I work out and stays that way for a really long time. I think the lady at the front desk was concerned about me, haha!! It's just normal for my really pale self.

Afterwards I rewarded myself by going to TARGET!!!!!!
 We hit up the dollar section and I got some really cute pics of Mason. He was such a breeze that we just strolled around and looked at everything. I ate my lunch in the car on the way home.
Then fed this monkey some food! He looks so guilty here, like what I didn't eat anything!!

It was time to go and get Noah so we packed up again and headed out. Bless Mason he did a lot of riding that day!! I have to be honest at this point I was already sore. I was starving and ready for a nap. But Noah wanted to play and Mason wanted to explore! Off to the playroom we went.

My sweet ninja turtle, Noah, had a blast playing after school. I tried to keep up my energy but it was tough. I could have fallen out and snoozed right there if I had the chance. I hear that you get more energy after you've been working out a while. At first it is tough and you just have to make it through.

Going and working out really motivated me. Since then I have went jogging/walking while pushing the boys in a stroller and plan to do another class tomorrow. I am driven b/c it felt so good!!!

And I know everyone hears oh if I can do it then you can! Well just to make it to the gym that day I had to get up extra early to get ready, feed Mason baby food b/c we usually do that after we get home from dropping Noah off at school, and get two boys ready. Not to mention get gear up for Mason and I. It takes drive, it takes telling yourself that you were made for more!!!!!


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Amber said...

Congrats girl! I need to get my butt in shape too!