Friday, March 14, 2014


I have noticed that lots of mommas are getting fit. It seems to be a new trend and such a great one that I so wanna join in completely. I've definetly gained weight with both pregnancies and kept quite a few pounds with both.

My excuse (well excuses) are:
1. not enough sleep (mason still gets up at least twice a night)
2. depression (working on that, later post)
3. my kids defy the odds and are just more nuts than most (??)
4. again I am sleeeeepy (that has to count twice, right?)
5. starting to work out again after a LONG hiatus is HARD y'all, plus add 30 lbs and I am like whoa just doing the elliptical for 10 minutes!

BUT I am throwing ALL of my excuses away, sending them into some internet a bis and never look back. Well the depression thing might be a little bit more difficult to throw away but I am working on it and can't wait to post about it and raise TONS of awareness. Cause you know I got mad amounts of readers. Yes I just used the work "mad" and yes I am showing my age :)

My #fitdana2014 goals are easy. I am starting simple: lowering my calorie intake and hoping to get in some working out time. My work outs are going to include the elliptical and strolling the boys around the neighborhood. Then once I am up to 30 minutes easy peasy on the elliptical I will start adding classes, especially group power and cycling!! The foods I am cutting back are any liquid calories and unnecessary snacking! Also, I am resisting eating cake and fatty foods at bday parties. There are sooo many of them!! Once I get that under control I am going to limit my calorie intake. I am thinking of just tracking my food on myfitnesspal and doing 1300 calories.

Sounds doable!!

Here's to a healthier me in 2014!!!
If anyone wants to join in with me let me know. My email is dmlivingston at y mail dot com and my IG is LivingstonLove. There's power in numbers!!!  


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