Monday, March 24, 2014


Over our crazy weekend I managed to hit up the elliptical, do some baby burpees( HEHE), and some weight lifting. As I was on my elliptical I kept noticing my watch say I was out of my zone. I wondered if that was bad, so I called my friend and she said NO WAY that is a good thing.

It's crazy once you get over that certain mark of time and you are just able to push yourself and you are on a fitness high. I am still watching what I eat and getting workouts in when I can. Whether it be hardcore on the elliptical plus some of my own add ons or taking the kids around the neighborhood. I especially loved getting out with my parents and taking the kids to the walking track (which has a playground, score for Noah).

I was able to push Mason and do some jogging then walking then jogging then walking. It is a start and I am loving it!! They have swings and at one point I just got in and was swinging so high and feeling like a kid again. I told Todd that if we ever put in a playground for the boys we must have adult swings like the old school ones!!!

Here's some shots of our time with my parents!

And I love this video of Noah running to me! 
If you are gonna get fit, why not involve the entire family!
Now my momma and daddy hit up the walking track every evening!
Way to go y'all!!! xoxox


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our weekend!!!

After a LOOOONG Thursday and LOOONG Thursday night with Mason not sleeping b/c of his stuffy nose, again thanks spring! We woke up to get Noah ready for school and he seemed to not be feeling well either, so we decided to take a chill day at home, which really isn't ever chill is it?

I wanted to get out of the house and cheer Noah up so we headed to the nearest red box looking for Frozen. I knew since it was Friday and that it was just released that my chances of getting it were slim, but we live too far away to head to an actual store to buy it. I tried and told Noah that he might not get it and he was so sweet and said momma that is okay at least we tried. :) Instead we rented cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2.

Fast forward to saturday b/c Friday was just about survival :) til Todd got off of work!!!

It was Todd's weekend off and we were so psyched b/c we could just do whatever we wanted! Plus I had an extra pair of hands and that is ALWAYS awesome!! Saturday begins and Mason was just so pitiful!!

While Mason was sick, my other boys headed out to get groceries and hit up another park. What can I say Noah loves parks and I can't blame him one bit. While they were gone Mason played a little, cruised a lot!

And then slept ALOT!! As he slept I soaked in all of his sweet details from his lashes to his hands!!

Todd and Noah surprise us with some yummy food to grill so my grill masters got a late lunch ready for us to eat!!

It was delicious!!! As you can see above, I am so blessed because not only did Todd grill but he cleaned the kitchen up afterwards also. Y'all I have an amazing husband, seriously!

While Todd cleaned up I kept these two occupied, or should I say they kept me occupied. I just love seeing them play together and love seeing Noah teach Mason new things and see Mason try to do everything Noah is doing. Bubbas forever :)

And after another long day we decided to chill and give the kiddos allergy meds so that they would be able to sleep better which hopefully meant we would sleep better!! 
I love this picture of Todd holding the boys!! 
This IS my heart, my joy!!!!

Nope the weekend isn't over just yet so hold your horses, or as I tell Noah to hold onto his pants (and he literally does it). Sunday was fun too b/c my nephew was baptized. We are just so proud of him and were so psyched to get to witness it.

We all went out to eat to celebrate then headed to Target to buy Frozen :) hehe!! This evening was chill b/c Todd let me meditate. As you've read in previous posts I have been dealing with depression and anxiety. Most recently panic attacks. Well after some triggers I really needed to just meditate on my happiness, which to me is thinking about helping others and the fun things I can do for them. I must have really got relaxed while meditating b/c I fell asleep and my AMAZING husband let me nap. I swear I hit the jackpot with him! He has been so understand and loving through all of my craziness. He loves me for me!!

Tonight as I finish up this book of a post all I can think of is how blessed I truly am. I have my Mason snoring beside me :) and my other loves sleeping in the other room. Our house is full of love, crazy a lot of the time, but full of love.


This was Todd's day off so we packed in as much FAM time as we could!


Our day was nonstop go go go!!!! We started our day at the buttcrack of dawn (aka 6:30 am) b/c every parent knows that children have this sensor when you are able to sleep in that they must get up extra early. It had been another rough night with Mason, poor thang couldn't breath and just couldn't get comfortable.

We loaded up and headed off to the vet to get Charlie some shots. He has heart worms and has had this major regimen of shots and treatment to get rid of them. It has been a long journey and we pray it works. He rocks!! Well, mom brain me sent us the wrong way. Ya see the vet that the adoption place uses and is paying for treatments is almost an hour and a half away. After turning around, calling the vets office several times, checking my maps on my phone (which wouldn't register anything cause we were out in nowhere), and finally calling my Daddy we found the stinkin place. Charlie was in and out with his shot and we were finally able to head back home.

Noah was done with the car ride so we headed back to civilization to the park and I dropped Todd and the boys off while I ran and got us lunch. They had so much fun!
Even  Charlie got out and enjoyed say hello to everyone at the park! He is just such a lover!!

After lunch we loaded a very upset (and having a fit) Noah into the car. He was NOT ready to leave. Mason was fine and ready for a nap  :)

Once we arrived home we couldn't believe it was only like 2 pm. Noah had skipped a nap so we knew we were in for some craziness. Our plan was to tire him out and hope he went to bed early. That didn't go as planned :)

We played outside, we played inside, we strolled around the neighborhood!! We were exhausted and thought oh finally it must be time for bath and bed and we looked at the clock and it was 4:30!!

This was our reaction!!

But we just decided we would bath the boys and pop in a movie upstairs and they would just go to sleep so easily and we could just hang out together, just us two! Yeah that WAS the plan!!

Those plans never really worked! Mason was wide open wanting to climb off of the bed and by climb off I mean just climb to the edge and with no fear fall right off. No we didn't let him do that!! Mason wanted to play in the floor so Noah wanted to play. He jumped on the bed and then it started. If you have two kids you know what I mean. They started feeding off of each other's energy and before we knew it we were in the floor playing some more and it was apparent that no one was going to sleep. HA!!!

A very tired Todd and Dana finally got the munchkins to sleep, but then we fell asleep! It was a good tired!!

Oh and SPRING gave us a gift, SPRING ALLERGIES!! Thanks spring!!


Friday, March 21, 2014


I decided with the help of a great friend (Lauren) to hit up a gym and take a class this week. I worked out great b/c it was a day Noah went to school and this gym had childcare. The gym in my town does not have childcare and that just annoys me!!

The class is called RIPPED! Yeah it terrified me. Not just from the name but b/c lets face it I haven't worked out seriously in well over two years. I was pregnant  and now Mason is 9 months old. The last time I hit the gym hard I weighed ALOT less and had NO kiddos so I could run home and sleep whenever and go to classes whenever. Things were so different.

I worried if I would even be able to keep up. I worried that I would look silly all jiggly and trying to do moves that my body screamed it couldn't do. I even tried to talk myself out of taking the class. It's too far to drive, yadda yadda yadda!!

But I didn't :) I went and wanted to share my day with y'all!!! It was a Tuesday so Todd works 14 hours on those days and Noah goes to school. Todd and I tag teamed getting Noah's things ready for school that morning and I had to add getting Mason's things and my things ready as well. I needed to drink my shake, pack a healthy lunch (b/c of the distance), and have water, my polar watch, and look gym worthy :)

I headed out with my boys (on time) and took Noah to school. I walk Noah in b/c well he is 3 and it's kinda necessary :) I carry Mason and most mornings I carry Noah and his book bag/lunch box/nap gear. It is a work out in and of itself. If I don't carry Noah then I hold his hand and he drags along whining about how cold it is and doesn't understand that the faster we walk then the faster he will be warm. Oh my...3 year olds!! Let me digress and take a minute to address my need for tons of drinks, HA (in pic below) I needed my shake, water, tea(aka my coffee), and a coke zero(lunch).
 After dropping Noah off, Mason and I headed up to the gym. I wanted to get there early to do the free one week trial and get Mason situated in the kids room. Mason seemed to be good in the room so I waited on the class to start and to meet up with my friend. It is always nice to have a friend to do classes with :)
 And dude that class was TOUGH!! I have NEVER done a burpee in my life and when the instructor started doing them my jaw literally dropped. I couldn't help it, I just stood there stunned that people's bodies could even do such an activity. And surely mine would NEVER be able to! Then I thought if Jesus can endure the cross I can do some dang burpees!!! I went into push up position and did my best to jump up. My mind knew what to do, but my body really lagged behind. I know I looked ridiculous, but I didn't care!! I did them a lot slower than the other ppl but I would try and do as many as I could. They weren't pretty or perfect, but I did my best! So booya!! At the end of the class I looked at my watch and I had burned 500 calories. That was AWESOME!!! My face was as red as a beet, but I was so happy with myself. And honestly there was a time when I thought I was gonna throw up, but it felt so good to push myself. My face always gets really red when I work out and stays that way for a really long time. I think the lady at the front desk was concerned about me, haha!! It's just normal for my really pale self.

Afterwards I rewarded myself by going to TARGET!!!!!!
 We hit up the dollar section and I got some really cute pics of Mason. He was such a breeze that we just strolled around and looked at everything. I ate my lunch in the car on the way home.
Then fed this monkey some food! He looks so guilty here, like what I didn't eat anything!!

It was time to go and get Noah so we packed up again and headed out. Bless Mason he did a lot of riding that day!! I have to be honest at this point I was already sore. I was starving and ready for a nap. But Noah wanted to play and Mason wanted to explore! Off to the playroom we went.

My sweet ninja turtle, Noah, had a blast playing after school. I tried to keep up my energy but it was tough. I could have fallen out and snoozed right there if I had the chance. I hear that you get more energy after you've been working out a while. At first it is tough and you just have to make it through.

Going and working out really motivated me. Since then I have went jogging/walking while pushing the boys in a stroller and plan to do another class tomorrow. I am driven b/c it felt so good!!!

And I know everyone hears oh if I can do it then you can! Well just to make it to the gym that day I had to get up extra early to get ready, feed Mason baby food b/c we usually do that after we get home from dropping Noah off at school, and get two boys ready. Not to mention get gear up for Mason and I. It takes drive, it takes telling yourself that you were made for more!!!!!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday!!

Throwback thursday!!! Look at my belly!!! WOW!!! 
And seeing Mason so itty bitty gives me baby fever!!
And look at Mason staring at his big bro!! 
Bubbas forever!!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Jail or Counseling, you decide!

As promised I am going to write about my shrink visit and I can say shrink b/c 1. I have a counseling degree and 2. I am depressed. LOL

Let me paint you the picture. I rolled up to the office and on the front door there was a green neon sign that said NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 ALLOWED. Okay did I not notice this the first time?

I walked in and signed in, the desk lady/medical assistant/not sure of proper title person had the personality of a wet cat. The lights were bright, you know like in offices where you feel like your eyes are going to burn or something.

There were more signs. I especially liked the one where I had to get a key to use the restroom. That made me feel like I had entered jail. I politely asked for the key and then saw this sign.

And NO I did NOT take any soap!! There were more signs outside, no cell phones, no food, yada yada yada!! I waited almost an hour and then was taken back to be weighed and seated. There was the door where the dr was and an old alarm clock radio sitting on a stool right beside the door. The cord was stretched as far as possible and the station was less than appealing. It was the doctor's way of keeping confidentiality so you couldn't hear the session going on at that moment. I think I would invest in a white noise machine instead. I kept thinking if I never even had anxiety before I sure do now!!!

I walked into the room, there she was sitting behind a desk with two chairs in front of it. Not a cozy environment, more like a place I expected to hear bad news. I told her about my meds she had me on and how sleepy they made me so she put me on something else. Then was ready to send me on my way. I asked her if I needed to talk to a counselor and she said no not yet that we had to treat my "fever" first then we could talk.

Yeah sounded amazing (sarcasm). Then she told me to write down things I wanted to change about myself. Well, the only problem is she had asked me to do this the week before so apparently someone wasn't very detailed on her case files.

All in all, I am going to try the new meds, find a GOOD counselor, and PRAY a lot!!

The best part was meeting up with a dear friend afterwards for brunch. She was so encouraging and helped me put things into perspective. If you consider my day to day there is no wonder I am struggling. I am learning so much about myself and the way God sees me, something that is hard. God sees us all the way we see our loved ones!! I just need to start giving myself some grace!

Here's to grace and tomorrows class (called RIPPED)! YIKES, I am scared (heck terrified) but I am getting up and doing it!!!! FitDana2014

I am NOT trendy!!! Its not that I don't try, but bless my heart I am surely trendy challenged!!!

Case in point!!!

The latest trends I really wanna try are the headbands like this, but why is my hair the only hair that seems to bunch up?? HUH??? Other cute trends would be the shorter boot with the tight jeans. Yeah I tried that  and I looked like I was from the eighties rocking a tight roll. Y'all 80s babies know what I am talking about!! And lastly, I wanna rock the red lipstick trend, but I just look silly!!

Most days I wish that the trend was yoga pants and tees! I would be the trendiest gal on the block. Is that even a word?

I now have to get my hair colored b/c my 3 year old asked me why I have gray in my hair, lol!! Then proceeded to be super freaked out that I was getting old, shouldn't I be the one freaking out!! It is a good excuse to hit the salon. Something I rarely do.

Here's to all you trend setters and hoping my yoga pants and tees will soon hit the trend scene!!
Happy MONDAY!!! Can't wait to report on how the doctor went!!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Critic

Tonight is my night with Mason. Yep, we both sleep with our boys...were THOSE parents :) All I could think about was getting Mason to sleep and blogging. I rocked him and tried him in his crib. Lets just say that does not work. So we moved to my bed. He was very clingy. Probably because for the last two days I have put him in his bed after rocking him for his naps. The result is a whole lot of crying! So I think now he doesn't trust me and thinks I am going to leave him.

At first he just layer there on my arm with his eyes open. He wanted to make sure I stayed put. Then he finally dozed and I slid out from under him and got up to grab the computer and he sits up and cries like really way you are leaving me. So I snuggle up really close to him and I swear in that simple little sweet moment nothing else in the world mattered. Nothing mattered but making my baby feel safe and secure. I was soaking in every inch, every smell, every feeling!!!

I couldn't help but ask God if I could do this with Him!!! If I could be like Mason and snuggle up against Him and never leave. He could just get a baby wrap and carry me around all of the time. Then it hit my momma brain like a ton of bricks, He does do that!!!

I hate to admit it but with this stupid depression I have been really mad at God. I was furious. Here I was with all the blessings I had prayed for and so much grace from God.....and here I was also feeling empty, hopeless, and sad. FOR NO REASON!!! I was short fused with my precious boys and just ticked off at God for my brain, for my hormones, for my lack of patience!

I saw other mommas with more kiddos than I had and they were working out, had full time jobs, clean houses, cute dressed kids, date nights, and actually wore clothes other than sweats and tees. I know gasp, that is my uniform these days. I know that behind the scenes isn't all fancy but it sure did seem like they had a lot more together than I did. And I was mad about that!! I was mad at myself that my best was most people's worst.

I have come to realize that I am a very harsh critic of myself. It's a work in progress on getting rid of the critic inside, but I am trying! I am sure all of us mommas do this every now and again. Wonder if we are doing enough, if we are enough! And probably the answer is no sometimes, but as long as we are doing the best that we can and it comes from love, then I think we are doing pretty darn good. Just tell my critic inside that!!!

Let's talk about that nasty old critic. I imagine it to be green, right? It has to be green and old and wrinkly. And has a really mean sounding voice that just taunts me. If I am trying on clothes at GAP that is the voice that says "oh look at that tummy, you look 6 mos pregnant in that outfit" or the voice that tells me I am the worst mom b/c I bought the muffins for teacher appreciation day instead of baking them, the voice that tells me I can't. And please let me clarify, I don't hear voices like I have schizophrenia. Also, there is nothing wrong with hang schizophrenia and being treated for it, but I just wanted to clarify what voice I am talking about. Don't we all have one, ya know the angel vs devil on your shoulder like in cartoons?

My critic has won out too many times and I am sick of it. So today we went to church. Yep, it was a rainy, awful day and Todd had to work. But I managed to find something suitable to wear and get the kids ready and packed up and headed to church. I even carried them both with a broken umbrella. At first Noah wanted to hold the umbrella and well we all know how that went.

Dropping the kids off went great, Mason didn't skip a beat, but Noah was a bit apprehensive and his teachers told me he wasn't his talkative self. I know it is because we haven't been in such a long time. I went to sunday school instead of church to get some social interaction and my bible learning on. It was a great lesson and I headed back down to get the boys. This time with both boys in my arms I ran to the car in the rain. Then the umbrella flipped upward. That was amusing!! I allowed myself to let it go! I put a screaming Mason in the car and ran to get Noah in as well. As I sat there buckling them both in and getting soaked I just held my hands in the air and asked God to let it rain, let it wash away my sorrow, my worries, cleanse me!!! I could just imagine the frozen song and wanted to break out into song about how the rain never bothered me anyway.

I allowed myself to enjoy this day, despite the rain! Despite the challenges of getting us all ready. And honestly the rest of the day was good. There were moments of lost patience, okay a lot of those moments.

Tomorrow I go back to my doctor to discuss the meds she put me on last time. They are not working. One I take at bedtime and it knocks me out for all night and the next day. I even halved it and I still couldn't wake up well the next day. I am praying we can find a good one that helps stabilize my mood.

Here is a pic from shopping the other day, I sent several to Todd asking which dress to buy for Easter. I found so many flaws as I saw myself in the is picture. Now I love the picture b/c Noah is looking up at me and behind me is Mase in the stroller...double stroller. And let me tell you I rocked maneuvering that thing around Tanger!!



Our newest addition to the FAM!!

     CHARLIE BROWN LIVINGSTON (our rescue doggie that is sweeter than apple pie)


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mason is NINE months old!!!

Nine months in pictures!!!

and as I type this post both my boys are screaming in protest of naps!!! NEVER easy!!