Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pregnancy this go round!

 Just a few random thoughts about this pregnancy! Sorry if it is doesn't flow that well!

This pregnancy has been so different from the first!! I am much more tired this go round, probably b/c of a certain very active toddler running around. Literally running around me...where does he get all that energy? And almost a week or so into my 2nd trimester I was still getting headaches everyday around the same time each day. It was like clockwork and they were debilitating! Then I got a cold, twice, and that was NO fun. I am the kinda girl that will take meds in a heartbeat to help with a cold, headache, heck whatever. So not being able to take anything was tough and I felt very helpless.

Thankfully, the headaches have stopped and my energy comes and goes. Mostly goes, but I will take what I can get. I went to the OB this week and my iron is that might be why I am struggling to keep up with Noah. They did more bloodwork and I am going back next week to see if I need to supplement iron or not.

Even the OB appts are different this go round. My anatomy scan was done at a specialist's office. Mainly b/c of IVF and us requesting to do the down syndrome testing. We didn't test with Noah. It is amazing how things can change so much in 2 1/2 years.

I am feeling much bigger a lot quicker with Mason. I have heard that this happens with the second pregnancy. And Mason is so much more active than Noah. He keeps me up at night moving around so much. Todd's mom said Todd was the same way and she swore he was playing football in her belly. I love feeling Mason move around and he seems to move the most while I am eating. A boy after my own heart :)

According to my pregnancy app, Mason is about 1 1/2 lbs!!! He is getting bigger and bigger. I am currently 24 weeks (today)!!! 15 more to go!!!

I have SO much to get done before lil brother makes his debut into the world and it can all be overwhelming. I just have to take it day by day and hope I get it all done. Big brother is finally embracing Mason and includes him on his list of who he loves :) The other night he wanted to lay on my belly and told me he wanted to lay with Mason. My heart just about exploded when he gently cuddled up to my belly! I kept thinking that they are already bonding and I am so excited about the bond they are going to have in the years to come.

I have really embraced being a BOY momma!! It is what I know and I am excited to have two sweet little boys to love on!!! I have to brag on my sweety a bit!!! Todd has been amazing!!! He helps with Noah, does housework, and takes time to tell me he loves me and compliments me :) I am truly blessed in the hubs department!! I adore that man!!!! 


Melissa said...

Yay Dana!! I am soo happy for you!! I loved all the pics on the first post... You are looking great! Yes- being a boy mom is fun- one thing I never thought I would say... Just goes to show who is in control! I'll keep praying for you!!

Amber said...

so glad to hear that everything is going so well with your pregnancy! I feel like I have not stopped by here in forever :)