Friday, January 11, 2013


This seems like old news, b/c we found out the gender at 13 weeks 5 days (I think). We wanted to surprise our family for Christmas. You know with IVF everyone is aware of every step and you never really get to surprise anyone with news of being pregnant. So it was such a blessing that we were even able to find out the the gender so early! I made an appt. at a local 3D/4D place and they told me that we may not be able to see the baby's goods. I was fine with the risk.

And oddly enough I saw babe's goods before the u/s tech even said anything!!! And......




 16 week bump

Here is Mason's side profile, you can see his little arm up by his face :) 
We are already soo smitten!!!! We used the u/s picture above to surprise our family on Christmas day. We wrapped this frame up and eagerly awaited our parents to open the present. They were all so surprised!! It was awesome!!!!