Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My heart!

I went to church this past Sunday and the sermon really spoke to me! Have you ever had a moment in church or reading scripture when you just felt God speaking directly to your heart?

 I have been struggling with depression alot!! I know I sound crazy b/c I have a wonderful life but am depressed. But that is what depression is really, there's not really a reason for sadness and despair, it is a brain/chemical thing. I've been fighting this battle and losing ALOT!!

Then I sat in the pew and The Lord really explained the root of my battle and why I was losing!! The sermon was about Idolatry. Yeah you're probably thinking of old testament idolatry where ppl worshiped golden cows and fertility statues, right? Well, idolatry was put into perspective in today's time and I was overwhelmed with how I had been so blind for so long.

Here's a video clip that put it into perspective for me: SKIT
Disclaimer: I am not putting down football fans, I am just using this as an example of how one thing can get out of control in someone's life and it can become bigger than God to you.

So as I am sitting there watching this video, listening to this sermon I am thinking to myself about how I have put so much before God in my life. From getting into shape, or rather putting myself down for not getting into shape, to focusing on my depression soo much that it rules my life. I am always checking facebook and instagram and comparing myself to other ppl. I love food and eat way too much most of the time. I have my dvr set to record so much that there is not enough time to even watch it all. And I sit and wonder why I am losing my battle with depression!

It is because God is not the focus in my life. Yes He is in my heart and I pray and I read scripture most mornings. But I don't put Him where HE belongs, front and center of my focus, my day, my reason for living!!!

 Tears began to fall as I heard God talking to my heart. My sweet Lord how I love hearing thee!! I went down after the sermon to pray at the altar and when I bent on my knees I felt like I had fallen b/c of the weight of all this I had been carrying fell with me as I kneeled down. It really felt like I just fell down so hard, I prayed and asked God to show me the areas of my life that I had let overcome me and to help me change those things!

Then you know what I did!! I went home and did NOTHING!!! Yep, just like my 3 year old. As I tell him not to be rough with his brother and yet he does it 20 seconds later. I sat there thinking about how frustrated I get with Noah for not listening as I ask him and beg him and discipline him so many times and yet he still refuses to listen. Then I thought about how God must feel as I sat here and changed nothing! Once again!!!! He has granted me the desires of my heart! I am talking the deepest desires of my heart and I just went about my day like I had never heard any of it!!

 I am sure we are all guilty of this, but I have to stop it now! I have to stop it for my own salvation and for my family's salvation. I have to stop living of this world b/c it is NOT home! My size will not matter when I am dead, the car I drive will not matter when I am dead, how clean my house is will not matter when I am dead, I could go on and on and on!!!!

 I am changing my life!!!! I am listening to my Father, my sweet Lord, the One and Almighty God! Thank you Jesus for always reaching my heart, for your sweet words, for your amazing grace! Help me to shed this world so that I may live for YOU and YOU only!!!! Thanks for listening to my heart!! Photobucket

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


                                                            Mason Clark Livingston
               Born June 8, 2013 via VBAC (WOOHOO)
@ 4:14 pm
8lbs 1 oz
20 inches

Big bro Noah is so in love! Always giving Mason kisses and taking care of him!
I have been shocked at how he hasn't been jealous at all :)

One month comparison of the boys! They favor! 
Livingston Brothers!!
xoxo Dana

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pregnancy this go round!

 Just a few random thoughts about this pregnancy! Sorry if it is doesn't flow that well!

This pregnancy has been so different from the first!! I am much more tired this go round, probably b/c of a certain very active toddler running around. Literally running around me...where does he get all that energy? And almost a week or so into my 2nd trimester I was still getting headaches everyday around the same time each day. It was like clockwork and they were debilitating! Then I got a cold, twice, and that was NO fun. I am the kinda girl that will take meds in a heartbeat to help with a cold, headache, heck whatever. So not being able to take anything was tough and I felt very helpless.

Thankfully, the headaches have stopped and my energy comes and goes. Mostly goes, but I will take what I can get. I went to the OB this week and my iron is low...so that might be why I am struggling to keep up with Noah. They did more bloodwork and I am going back next week to see if I need to supplement iron or not.

Even the OB appts are different this go round. My anatomy scan was done at a specialist's office. Mainly b/c of IVF and us requesting to do the down syndrome testing. We didn't test with Noah. It is amazing how things can change so much in 2 1/2 years.

I am feeling much bigger a lot quicker with Mason. I have heard that this happens with the second pregnancy. And Mason is so much more active than Noah. He keeps me up at night moving around so much. Todd's mom said Todd was the same way and she swore he was playing football in her belly. I love feeling Mason move around and he seems to move the most while I am eating. A boy after my own heart :)

According to my pregnancy app, Mason is about 1 1/2 lbs!!! He is getting bigger and bigger. I am currently 24 weeks (today)!!! 15 more to go!!!

I have SO much to get done before lil brother makes his debut into the world and it can all be overwhelming. I just have to take it day by day and hope I get it all done. Big brother is finally embracing Mason and includes him on his list of who he loves :) The other night he wanted to lay on my belly and told me he wanted to lay with Mason. My heart just about exploded when he gently cuddled up to my belly! I kept thinking that they are already bonding and I am so excited about the bond they are going to have in the years to come.

I have really embraced being a BOY momma!! It is what I know and I am excited to have two sweet little boys to love on!!! I have to brag on my sweety a bit!!! Todd has been amazing!!! He helps with Noah, does housework, and takes time to tell me he loves me and compliments me :) I am truly blessed in the hubs department!! I adore that man!!!! 

What we've been up to lately!!

Well it has been a while, and I have a lot to catch up on. I am an aunt again :)
Introducing Rebekah Ann Blanks :) 
 Isn't this a sweet picture of Noah with all of his cousins!!

I've had several bump pictures :)

I love how Noah is climbing the stair rail in the background, sneaky little booger!

Finally a lil family bump picture


We also had some fun with Valentine's Day and made some cute frames for the g-parents from these cutie photos!

We finally got to see my sissy's farm and her cows! Noah loved seeing the cows!!

And had some fun with a Valentine's balloon!!

And of course had to check our new hair do before we left the house to make sure we were looking cute!!

Hope y'all enjoyed our update and all the pictures :)


Friday, January 11, 2013


This seems like old news, b/c we found out the gender at 13 weeks 5 days (I think). We wanted to surprise our family for Christmas. You know with IVF everyone is aware of every step and you never really get to surprise anyone with news of being pregnant. So it was such a blessing that we were even able to find out the the gender so early! I made an appt. at a local 3D/4D place and they told me that we may not be able to see the baby's goods. I was fine with the risk.

And oddly enough I saw babe's goods before the u/s tech even said anything!!! And......




 16 week bump

Here is Mason's side profile, you can see his little arm up by his face :) 
We are already soo smitten!!!! We used the u/s picture above to surprise our family on Christmas day. We wrapped this frame up and eagerly awaited our parents to open the present. They were all so surprised!! It was awesome!!!!