Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa 2012

Noah did so well this year meeting Santa. At first he was a little weepy, but then after some bribing with a sucker he decided santa wasn't so bad. I think that watching santa on mickey mouse helped as well.

At one point Noah looked up at santa and it seemed like the longer he looked at him the more he was ready to get up, HA!! But after he told him he wanted tools and a slide he gave him a fist bump and was on his way with lots of candy ;)

Next year there will be two babes in the santa picture, eeeeeek!!!!

A couple of days after his santa pictures we were shopping (with my Momma) in Target and ran into santa. Noah's expression was priceless! He was full of joy and excitement. I think I was even a bit giddy watching Noah get so excited to see santa. It was such a moment!!!! Then he told santa he wanted tools and a slide again, this kid doesn't forget, and we were on our way!!!

And one more tid bit....on mickey mouse clubhouse they call santa by saying santa ho ho ho, so now that is how Noah calls santa! CUTE!!!!! 


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