Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ultrasound @ 7 wks 2 days

I am still in shock at God's miracle taking place in our lives!!! We had another ultrasound yesterday and as usual I prepared myself for the worst. I didn't even want to look at the screen until I heard good news. And there was our little miracle and his/her heart was just a fluttering!! The baby grew from 2mm to 10mm and the heart rate was 134 bpm!!
You can see the yolk sac very clear in this picture!! The doctor said that I could take finally take a deep breath! I know we still have a LONG way to go!!!! And honestly, I don't think I can take a deep breath just yet. I am sure on viability day I will be able to :)

We are thankful beyond words about this sweet baby!!!! I am still asking for prayers for this amazing life to thrive and grow!!! Oh and my due date is 6-19-13 (which is also my neecy poo's bday)!!

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Melissa said...

Yay Dana!!! So happy for you all!! Praise Jesus for this miracle!! I will continue praying for you!!