Thursday, October 11, 2012




 Praise the Lord!!!!

Dr. H called me around 2 pm and confirmed the great news. Beta is 120. With Noah it was 211 at this point. It was neat that my doctor wanted to be the one to tell me! She is really awesome!! Of course I tested earlier and knew I was pregnant, but you just never know. With our 2nd transfer we were pg and even had doubled betas, but then the ultrasound revealed a miscarriage. I plan on being JOYFUL until there is a reason not to!! 

I am currently waiting on my nurse to call with my progesterone and estrogen levels. That will determine if my prog shot needs to be adjusted. BTW that shot was easy at first and now my hips are aching like crazy!! But they are so worth it and I will do it as long as necessary. My nurse will also set up another beta to see if my numbers are doubling and then from there they will set up an ultrasound. 

Keep us in your prayers! And praise the Lord for these babies!!!!

We are sooo excited, cautious, but super excited!!!!!!!!



Cady said...

SO excited and happy for you!!

Melissa said...

Oh congratulations!!!!

Melissa said...


Amber said...

YEAH!! Congratulations! Hoping for a doubling beta!!

Melissa said...

Yay!! Congratulations Dana!! Praise Jesus from whom all blessings flow!!

Dan and Leigh said...

Huge smiles! I cannot stop smiling right now! So happy for you Dana!