Saturday, September 15, 2012

STIMS begin!

I started my STIM meds tonight. To say that I was anxious is an understatement. I got out all of my new meds early so I could remember how to mix them, which needles to use to draw them up, and which needles to use to inject them. All at once I couldn't seem to calm down and understand what I was reading. I started to panic. I called my doctor's office and got the answering service. They took my info and a nurse called me back in just a few minutes.

Just talking to her made me ease up a bit!! I was ready!!! Let me break it down for you! In order to prep one medicine I had one syringe of liquid that had to be added to the powder medication. I opened both and injected the liquid into the vile and swirled it around so that the medicine was mixed properly. Then I had to draw the medicine up with another syringe/needle.

Whew, one down...two more to go. To prep the next medicine I had to take this enormous syringe with an enormous needle out. Thank goodness I could unscrew this needle, discard it, and add a Q-cap. The Q-cap allowed me to once again draw up a certain amount of liquid and then insert the liquid into the vile of powder medicine. I swirled it again to make sure it was mixed properly then had to draw up the proper dose and remove the Q-cap and replace it with the proper sized needle for injection.

Second one down!!! WHEW!! The Lupron dose was a breeze! I have been doing it for a while now. Except tonight I had to lower my dose.

I had all three shots ready to go and I also had Noah running circles around me chasing Maggie with a feather duster in his hand! I rubbed alcohol on my right side and tried to send Noah and Maggie somewhere else so I could do my injections. I could just see myself starting a shot and then being tripped up by them running around me and that terrified me. Thankfully, Noah and Maggie disappeared long enough for me to do my three, yes THREE shots!

Two of them were fine, but one bounced off of my skin and I had to really push hard to get it to go in. It was painful. I sure do feel like a pin cushion now and it is just the beginning!!! The typical number of days to take the STIM meds is 10. They basically make me produce tons of eggs. I will go in on the 20th for another ultrasound and bloodwork and then again on the 22nd. If I have alot of quality eggs by then we will be good, if not I will go in everyday for monitoring until my body is ready for the egg retrieval. It is predicted to be on the 26th (give or take two days). Also, I am hoping not to get OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome).
The symptoms of OHSS can range from mild to severe. Most women with the condition have mild symptoms such as:
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Mild pain in the abdomen
  • Weight gain
In rare cases, women can have more serious symptoms, including:
  • Significant weight gain (more than 10 pounds in 3 - 5 days)
  • Severe pain or swelling in the belly area
  • Decreased urination
  • Shortness of breath
So I really do NOT want this!!!! I already feel super bloated and plain ole fat!!! I am just having to deal with the emotions that come with that! I had lost some weight and to feel like I gained it all back has been discouraging. But I know it will all work out in the end. I may not be in my skinny jeans for a few years, but it will happen.

I am happy to report that after stopping the BCPs my depression has almost disappeared!! Praise the Lord! Now I still have NO energy and just really feel rundown. I try to keep things easy around the house. Today Noah and I played at home and went out to get dinner. Of course, we just picked it up and brought it home. I just don't have the energy to go out and do as much as I want with Noah. That makes me sad, but I know this is just a season.

I am still having hot flashes and headaches which I believe adds to my low energy level. I will continue to update and be open about this process. Feel free to ask questions if you want :) Oh and I will try to do a video of these shots as well to show the process better!

Hoping to post some on alot of the fun things we have been up to lately!! We went to a little zoo near our house and we played in the rain. I got some good shots of both activities! Can't wait to share!


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shauna said...

First of all I have to say birth control pills stink! They cause problems for every female in my family. When we're not wanting to get pregnant I am thankful I don't have to worry about them. I will be praying soooo hard that you don't get OHSS! Remember that we have a mutual friend who did IVF a second time and she had no problems with OHSS. Hoping you are the same way. Love ya!