Monday, September 3, 2012

Journey to 2nd Blessing

4-4-12: First consult appt. with Dr. Hasty
4-5-12: Started Metformin
4-11-12: Bloodwork
4-17-12: HSG, Counselor visit, SA

5-7-12: Nutritionist consult

6-22-12: Consult with Dr Hasty. Decided to do two cycles of Letrozole and plan out IVF.

7-1-12: First cycle of Letrozole, no pregnancy (BFN)
7-29-12: Second cycle of Letrozole, no pregnancy (BFN)

8-28-12: First day of BCPs
8-30-12: Hysteroscopy: All looked great
8-31-12: Trial Transfer

9-4-12: Start Lupron injections
9-9-12: Stop BCPs (YAY)
9-14-12: Baseline Ultrasound and Bloodwork (all looks good, left ovary is slower)
9-20-12: Baseline Ultrasound and Bloodwork (all looks good, left ovary is still slower)
9-22-12: Baseline Ultrasound and Bloodwork (all looks good, several follicles on the right ovary and a few on the left, estrogen is at 800)
9-24-12: Baseline Ultrasound and Bloodwork
9-24-12: Got the call to do the TRIGGER shot at 9 pm
9-25-12: Pre-op appt. The nurse does more bloodwork and they go over the egg retrieval procedure
9-26-12: Egg Retrieval at 7:15 am (went smoothly) 18 eggs were retrieved
9-27-12: The embryologist called and 12 out of the 18 eggs fertilized
9-29-12: 3 Day Transfer: transferred two beautiful embryos, 6 left to grow

10-2-12: More bloodwork, progesterone and estrogen levels checked (all is good), found out that none of the embryos made it to freeze stage :(
10-10-12: PG test at home = POSITIVE (some pink cervical mucus)

10-11-12: PG test #2 at home = POSITIVE, Beta results: 120
10-13-12: Second Beta: 168 (not doubling)
10-15-12: Third Beta: 271 (still not doubling, possibly a miscarriage or ectopic)
10-18-12: Fourth Beta: 818 (doubling now!!!)
10-20-12: Fifth Beta: 1702 First ultrasound: baby measured on time at 5 weeks and 3 days with yolk sac!!

10-22-12:Sixth Beta: 3464
10-25-12: Second Ultrasound! We saw a heartbeat!!! 119 BPM

11-2-12: Third Ultrasound: All looked great! Measuring on time @ 7 wks and 2 days/ HB 134

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Whitney said...

Just wanted to say best of luck to you and Todd! You will be in my prayers.