Thursday, September 27, 2012

ER is done!!!

Egg retrieval is DONE!It is amazing how nervous I get doing things the second time around. I was super nervous, but everything went so smoothly. The doctor retrieved 18 eggs and we were stunned at the number. With Noah's IVF cycle they retrieved 14 eggs. After the surgery I woke up feeling pretty good. Todd and I started the drive home (1hr 20 minutes with no traffic) and stopped to grab a bite to eat. I ate slow and tried not to eat too much b/c I didn't want to get sick.

Then we had to stop again for some extra strength tylenol and baby aspirin. I can only take tylenol for pain and I started more meds today per my RE (reproductive endrocrinologist).

The rest of the way home I started feeling sick and I my head started hurting really bad. I just wanted to get home. At home I was able to rest and Todd was off to work. My momma came over and stayed with me (spoiled me) the rest of the day :)

This morning we got the call from the embryologist and out of 18 eggs 12 fertilized. Just to compare with Noah's IVF cycle out of 14 eggs 12 fertilized, then we got down to 10 the next day and finally ended up with 5 embryos. We are scheduled to go in on Saturday morning for a 3 day transfer, unless the embryologist calls us and tells us to wait to do a 5 day transfer on Monday. It just depends on how well the embryos are growing and dividing.

The RE has me taking estrace, medrol, baby aspirin, and I start my progesterone in oil shots tonight. WOOHOO! HA!!!

So no more news til Saturday! Thank y'all for all of the prayers and love! I feel soo blessed!! So everyone cross your fingers, toes, and eyes for us :) But most importantly pray!!!


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