Thursday, September 6, 2012

2nd Shot Vlog

I took a video of my second shot of Lupron! I was a bit nervous as you will tell by my voice. Also I had a sweet little toddler taking up some of my attention. I am excited to share my journey and I hope y'all are enjoying the ride! I will do another video when I add the STIM meds.

Update on the first shot! I was SUPER nervous, made myself bleed, and bruised right away! My stomach was doing flips awaiting 6 pm to come around! I did better the second go round! Hoping it gets easier as I do more shots! So far I still have the same symptoms. I have to say I am so bloated that I feel as if I am 3 months pregnant. And my tummy has two bruises on it now from my shots, so it is sore! Oh and the MOODINESS!!! I'm really ready to be my old self again!! But this is all worth it, it was worth it before and it will be worth it again!. Let me know what ya think, leave some love (comment)!



shauna said...

I love Noah's little southern accent ;) so cute!

Dan and Leigh said...

go Dana! i am praying you get a second little miracle from all of this. you are such a good mom! bless you guys!