Monday, August 27, 2012


I'm not sure if it is just me, but I am horrible at printing pictures out! I have TONS of pictures and even more now with my iphone/instagram addiction! However, getting them printed out, properly framed or put in an album...well not soo much. The mere thought of it overwhelms me.

 I am so behind on Noah's pictures. I have all of his pictures in an album up to 3 months. Yes I said three months old!!! I am only a little behind, HA!! And let me tell you those three months (plus the entire birth experience) takes up three small albums! I have to say that I took a picture of everything and then couldn't decide which ones to print so I ordered them all. Todd would ask me why I had three of the same pictures and my response would be that Noah's angle was a little different or you could see his foot better in one picture and his arm in another. Yes I was nuts!!

So I guess the thought of going through my dozens of pictures and just picking out the "right" ones stresses me out. Then there is the little matter of getting all of my instagram pictures added and dated to the mix. My heart is already racing about that. Do y'all have any advice on what I should do to get caught up without getting overwhelmed. Is there someone that does this for a living! I would actually consider paying someone, HA!!!

It is amazing what offering a sucker can get your kid to do :) 


After he ate his sucker given to him for being so great taking the first picture he ran by his name again and said another sucker?!?!?! Can't say I blame him :)

My parents said this reminds them of my older siblings (John and Terri) wanting to wake me up so they could go to the pool! The girls wanted to wake Noah up to play sooo badly :)

 Happy Monday

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Melissa said...

LOL! I love the picture of him in his name- its so cute!! When you find out about the picture thing you let me know!! I'm the same way and we've got 2 kids- poor 2nd son doesn't have near as many printed out as 1st one!