Friday, August 31, 2012

One step at a time!

I have made a plan to talk about ALL of the things that I go through with this IVF. Last time I was pretty candid, but I don't think I painted the entire picture! I'm sure that most people understand how crazy the whole process is and I am sure that other people have no idea. So I will clear it all up for you.

This week I had a phone call from our IVF financial consult. She called and told me the rundown of all of the expenses. Let me just say that without insurance coverage we would not be able to do this at all. Just the IVF (not counting anesthesia, room fee for egg retrieval, freezing remaining embryos, and medications) it would cost $11,189. Then you add the medications that could range anywhere from $2500-5500! Yeah it is ALOT!! Thankfully, our insurance covers 90% of the IVF. And the other things like anesthesia, room fee, and the freezing of the embryos will be sent to our insurance and will be covered somewhat. I am suppose to get a call today about my coverage for my medications!!

Then on Thursday I had my hysteroscopy. I think I may have spelled it wrong in a previous post. Basically think of a colonoscopy but in your uterus. It was actually cool b/c I was able to see inside my uterus and the openings into my fallopian tubes. Like picture like not x ray or ultrasound. The procedure was a breeze! I was really nervous about the pain b/c they only do local anesthesia. It didn't hurt at all, well until the local anesthesia wore off. Then I felt like I had been kicked in the uterus by a horse. I couldn't move without pain. I had some swelling and I am so blessed to have such an awesome hubby because he took care of Noah while I rested. Let's just say that if you are planning on a hysteroscopy ask for pain meds, ibuprofen doesn't cut it!!!

We left to get lunch afterwards. During lunch we had to fill out all of the paperwork for IVF. Figuring out lots of things like what would happen to our frozen embryos if Todd and I both passed away and etc. It was alot of documents and I felt like we were buying a house b/c of all of the signatures and initialing! Of course, we had to wait to sign some parts for a notary to witness it. After lunch at PF Changs (YUM) we headed back to have our injection teach. I would say it was a refresher course for me. The nurse said we were her best students :) The only medication I am worried about is the progesterone shots. If we are blessed to get to that point I am sure I will elaborate on that one way MORE!!!

On Friday I had to go back to do the trial transfer! And let me say that going back means driving to Perimeter. If you know me you know I live pretty far from Perimeter. It is an hour and a half drive on a good traffic day. My insurance would not cover two procedures in one day so I got to drive up there twice, HA! I guess I can't complain since the insurance does cover so much, don't wanna tick them off :) The trial transfer was a breeze and took a few minutes then I was back on the long trip home. I'm still sore from the hysteroscopy and my lower back is hurting. The doctor said that was normal! Other symptoms I have been having are headaches everyday and insomnia, but I am sure those are stress related.

I have been on BCPs since 8/28 and will take them until 9/9. I start injections on 9/4, next Tuesday! I am a bit nervous, but not about the shots. More so about getting the dose right while a toddler is at my heels!

So that is the beginning! There is a ton more, but I will save that for another post. I don't like to get ahead of myself. I just want to make it through this part and then see if I can go to the next part. We have a baseline ultrasound on 9/14 so that will let us know if we can go forward with adding more medicine (injections).

On an emotional note as Todd and I were driving up on Thursday I was pretty much freaking out. Almost having a panic attack. I had put all of the pressure on my body working right and let's be honest my body doesn't like to do that :) Todd really put it into perspective for me and gave me peace. He reminded me that when we started this journey we said that if it doesn't result in a second blessing that we will be okay because we have Noah. And we are so very thankful for him. I love that man of mine!!!

I cannot say that I am not overwhelmed, but I just have to do exactly what my old blog title was and take it: One Step At A Time!!! Thanks to Lauren for reminding me that :)

Hoping y'all have a blessed Labor Day weekend!!!


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shauna said...

You are so blessed to have that kind of insurance coverage!We have no coverage for IVF so we did end up paying around 13-$14,000 in all. Looking back I always think there's no way we could have afforded that but God is good and we did. It took us a year to pay off, but it was so worth it. I'm glad you're documenting the whole process. I sometimes wish I had documented more of ours. I'm right there with you on the nerves and anxiety of what could happen in the future. I'm so thankful you have Noah. I'm also thankful to be following your journey a second time. You know you can call me any time if you just need to talk! Love ya girl!