Sunday, August 26, 2012

Noah's fears

Noah has developed some fears lately and it really hurts my heart when he is afraid. First it started out with bears at night! I am sure this was developed over time from him playing with his Papa and cousins. They would ride around on the golf cart and search for bears. Nothing really scary, just fun. However, then Noah would say at night that a bear would get him and he was visibly afraid. My heart ached b/c I didn't know how to help him feel at ease.

Then a great friend suggested we pray about it. So each night as we pray with Noah we pray that "no bear get us" :) And then he seems calm. He still has to sleep with us, but in the grand scheme of things that is really no biggie to me.

Now he has become afraid of getting his hair rinsed in the bathtub. Which is odd b/c he has never really feared that. Ever since he was itty bitty we made sure to expose him to water on his face and he was always fine. Last night it was so bad that he didn't even want to get in the bathtub at all!! So as any amazing daddy would do, Todd got in with him :) I sure do love my hubby!!! We did not wash his hair, but I am hoping to slowly ease him back into it. I have even showed him how if he leans his head back it won't run into his face. He freaks out now. I am talking grabs my shirt and won't let go while screaming!!! Not sure how to handle this, any suggestions???

 I am hoping it is all just a phase. It seems like he is just more and more aware of his surroundings and such. Like when we pull up at church he tells me he wants to go back to momma's house b/c he is currently not a fan of the nursery! I know things will get better, I just hope I know how to handle it all the right way. I don't want to make him more fearful.

Noah is such a loving child! He is full of hugs and kisses and I am so thankful. We are a very huggy/kissy family so I am glad he is too :) There is nothing like laying next to your son at night and him hug and kiss you and say I love momma!!! Such a joy!!! Such a blessing!!

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shauna said...

My mother-in-law is a pediatric nurse and she told me that between 2 and 2 1/2 children realize that things are scary. They start to develop their own fears and sometimes even have nightmares. Jakob has nightmares a few times a month. He always ends up in bed with us when that happens. I like the idea of praying with him when he's scared. That's something we all should do!