Friday, August 24, 2012

Journey to our second blessing!!

I started this blog as an IF (infertility) blog. I have to say it helped me keep my sanity throughout my journey and an added bonus was that I met this amazing group of fellow sisters that prayed for me and loved on me throughout the entire process. I have gone back and forth about blogging about this journey again, but I have to stay true to myself. And let's be honest, I need this more than anything!!

We are officially starting IVF! As I type that I can almost hear the Rocky theme song playing in the background as I try to pump myself up for this crazy rollercoaster that is coming!! Right now I have so many emotions that I couldn't list them all. I know what lies ahead and to say I am terrified is an understatement.

To update y'all up to this point. We went to a new RE (reproductive endocrinologist) and she is amazing! She is super sweet and super thorough!! And thankfully, Todd's insurance covers a ton of the process. I am not sure that we would be doing it again if it did not. It is so expensive. We did a few of the basic tests that you have to do in the beginning and were able to get a baseline of data for the RE. She confirmed that I am PCOS-like. Which basically means my body reacts the same way as someone with PCOS, but I don't meet ALL the criteria of PCOS. PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome. It basically means that when it is time for me to ovulate my follicles do not produce mature eggs, leaving a "ring of pearls" or cysts on my ovaries. After the testing we decided to try two cycles of Letrozole that resulted with BFN (big fat negatives). I will put up a detailed list up just for myself. I really want to have one for the second child like I do for Noah.

I pray that this will result in a second child, but I am aware that we may do this and it not work. You just never know with IVF. There is no guarantee! It is a literal step by step process. You have to get through one step before proceeding to the next, so I can't get ahead of myself. I will go ahead and warn you for some upcoming emotional posts. I will be sad/angry and worried. This will surely test me in many ways. I pray I can make it through with minimal damage. And I know I probably sound a bit dramatic, but y'all the first IVF did me for a wammy. This time around when we were just getting ready for the process (like several months ago) I started having tons of anxiety from it all. The first experience ended with such an amazing child. However, it was traumatizing!! I not only went through this major rollercoaster of emotions, I also had a doctor with NO bedside manner.

I go next Thursday for a hysterectomy. This is required at the new fertility clinic. Then I am thinking they will start BCPs (birth control pills) and we will go from there. I am asking for prayers of strength during this journey and hoping for a positive outcome of another blessing!! 


Melissa said...

Congratulations Dana on starting the process! I will be praying for you!!

Amber said...

How exciting!! Hope this cycle is it!!

Melissa said...

Congrats on starting IVF again!

The Sherrill Family said...

Praying for you friend.

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness, I am so excited for guys!! I can imagine the whole range of emotions definitely can be a roller coaster, but I look forward to following along on your journey once again! Prayers your way!!

shauna said...

Will definitely be praying for you. Hard to believe we met only a few years ago while going through IVF! I know it's scary trying again, but I'm excited for you too :)