Monday, June 11, 2012

Noah's is TWO!!!

Oh my it has been a while!! I still cannot believe I have a two year old!!! Well he is almost 2 years and 1 month, but seriously time slow down!!!
Noah's birthday and birthday party was so much fun! I had a chill/soak it all in kinda attitude and it all went smoothly!! I really think Noah knew it was HIS day and that was cool too!!
Noah just blossoms more and more each day! I swear I get shocked each day watching him learn something new or do something new! Right now he amazes me at his sentences. I love that he can express to me what he wants or what is wrong!
Oh and his imagination! It has exploded!! We run from bears daily, take Elmo and Mickey on tons of adventures, and "cook" lots of toys for momma to eat :)
His relationship with Maggie has grown too! He adores her!!! Lately Noah shuts me in my bathroom while I dry my hair and plays with her in our master bedroom. Of course the door is shut and a childproof knob is on the door knob. Plus I peek in often, but am usually told to GO MOMMA GO!! They are always running around the room acting crazy! I love it!!
And don't you just love this smile...this is the smile I get when I ask him to smile big :) TOO CUTE!!

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Jess Judkins said...

Happy belated birthday! He is just so cute!