Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Busy Busy Bees!!!

I can certainly tell that summer is here and in full swing b/c we have been super busy! And I am loving every second of it!!! I have been taking photography classes and trying to get out of auto mode on my camera. So far I am doing good, and of course it is soo fun. We had a packed weekend with my neecy poos's bday party, my neighbor's going away party (will post on that), and father's day!! We basically came to our house to unpack things and then head right back out of the door. Then on Monday one of my best friends and her son came to visit us. It was soo great to see them both. I have missed them bunches. I loved seeing Noah and Austin (Jess' son) playing together. We let them play outside in Noah's tub tub (noahnese for water table) and I got a few shots. Try not to die from their cuteness :)

 They decided to help my poor plant out and water it :)

Here are some shots from Father's Day!! 

Todd loved his Father's day gift from Noah ;)

 And since I didn't post a pic from Mother's day here is one. :)



The Sherrill Family said...

These pictures are AMAZING!! Love them.

Jess Judkins said...

great pictures! Judah has a similar water table and loves it, isn't it just like a boy to take the water from the water table and dump it somewhere else? Thats exactly what Judah does. My niece on the other hand can spend hours just playing at the table, Judah has to do everything else :-)