Thursday, May 10, 2012


The Lord has really been stirring in me lately! I am very thankful to have my relationship with God. I am especially thankful for His grace and His gift of everlasting life!!

 I have always been the kind of person that tries to sit in the moments of life and really soak them in! I started this at a young age. After losing two very close friends in high school I found myself doing this even more so! I would take mental pictures of moments in time and try to make sure to keep them in my mental photo album.

I can remember one particular time doing this. It was late at night and my momma had fallen asleep in her room while watching television. I was up late as most teenagers listening to music and was about to go to bed when I heard her tv still on. I went in to turn it off for her. I looked over and saw my sweet momma sleeping and made one of my first mental pictures. I just sat there and thanked God for my mother! For the moments I get to spend with her and gave her a kiss on her forehead. I have never told her this!

 I realize that life is short and most often than not we end up looking back on our lives and wonder what we could have done differently or done more of. I am sometimes consumed by this and always wanting to not have many regrets or missed opportunities. And I am in no way perfect and have my fair share of regrets and missed opportunities, but I am trying to make sure I remember what is most important.

You know when you get caught up in the day to day things. Doing laundry over and over again (does it really ever end?) or rushing around getting Noah ready for swim class and then just when we are about the door he poops and I have to start all over with swimmer diapers and etc. It is in those moments that I have to stop! Literally stop myself and drink in the moment. Take it in because trust me moments are fleeting!!

 In 7 short days my baby will be 2 years old!!! I know some ppl have teenagers and think that 2 is still young, but TWO.....where did the time go?? Just like my mommma said it flies faster the older you get. And I guess I am still trying to remember to slow it down and enjoy each moment for as long as that season lasts.

Of course, there is always something we could find to complain about in our lives. But I am sure that when I am older that I will wish for these times back. For the chance to rock Noah to sleep or have him always want me right near him.

 So I not only challenge myself to continue to take time to soak in each and every moment, but I challenge you as well!!

Here are some of my moments :)

For it is the totality of all of these moments that make us who we are :) Photobucket

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