Saturday, April 14, 2012

Table for ONE!

There's been alot on my heart these days. One thing is that I often feel lonely. Yes, lonely! And let me explain a bit more. Ya see in my neck of the woods there's not many (if any) stay at home mommas. Especially with this horrible economy, most mommas work atleast part time around here. And with Todd's work schedule I can feel lonely sometimes.

I of course have this awesome little buddy to keep me company, but I feel like I am slighting him in some way for not being more social. Swim lessons have started back up and I am super glad that we atleast have that to get out and socialize. However, there is only one other child in the class and they are debating canceling the class b/c it is just two kids :( Hoping that they will not.

Please don't think I don't have family or friends to hang with, it is just that my family is busy...and most of my friends live far away from me. I see so many ppl that are constantly going places together and doing fun activities and I wonder what the heck is wrong with me. Why am I not out there with those ppl? I have tried to reconnect with highschool friends, but it seems like I just bug them. They are busy with their lives. And I totally understand that.

I have to say I have been super blessed to have the best friend/neighbor ever!!! She is super busy too, but I cherish the times we get to sit in the driveway and chat while the kids, scratch that, her kids play...while Noah sits in my lap! He is very shy!! But it would just be my luck that they may be moving soon :( I swear that always happens! BOOO!!!

There are days that I am okay with how things are, but today I am a bit bummed about it. I really wish I had a circle of friends that were in the same season of life as I am. Girlfriends that I could discuss teething with, new trends, potty training, etc. Also, I know Todd needs a circle of guy friends too!! You know it takes a village!! That is soo true!!

I am so frustrated with myself right now!! What is wrong with me??

I am really praying that God gives me peace on this matter :) If y'all have a chance please send up some prayers for me as well! I would greatly appreciate it!! Photobucket

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Amber said...

I so wish we lived closer so we could hang out. Such a bummer for sure. Even though I work and all that there are some days I feel the same way for sure.