Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wt {Maintain} Journey!!!

Didn't y'all just love that picture dump yesterday! I had TONS more, but only shared a few ;) Well I haven't been doing a wt loss post b/c well I haven't been losing weight. I really do know why, b/c I haven't tried!! I am so weird b/c instead of getting competitive with other ppl I am the opposite! I have seen so many ppl lately losing weight and looking FAB!! And it just stresses me out!! And not the kinda stress out that leads me to the elliptical, but to food!! It's like I can get my mindset right for a day or two, then I lose it!! I know that I eat emotionally, but I am not downing food like crazy. I am just maintaining my current weight and that annoys me. Obviously not enough to get on the ball. I guess it is somewhat like when you want to get pg and all of your friends are pg! It always stressed me out and I always heard that clock ticking ever so loudly! It's the same way I can literally hear the seconds going by that I am wasting being FAT!! It makes me super anxious and then I just wanna climb in my bed and hide under the covers. Just being honest, y'all!! Am I the only one that feels that way?? However, I am going to try my darndest (yes that is a word, hehe) to get my behind on the elliptical today. I think that maybe I need to do a day at a time way of thinking. Eat right today, exercise today...then worry about tomorrow when tomorrow gets here! If I don't I just overwhelm myself and stress is not good when trying to lose weight. Also, the last time I lost 30lbs I had my handy dandy meds (metformin) that somehow made me eat like a "normal" person. And I had time to take naps and be lazy. Now with a kid, there is NO time for laziness. And lets be honest I am a very laid back kinda girl. I love me some naps!! I am asking for y'all to please pray for me! Specifically just pray that I can find peace in all of this wt loss junk and enjoy my life!!!! Photobucket

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Amber said...

weight loss is just a hard journey its the up and down battle that consumes our life unfortunately :(