Saturday, March 3, 2012

Toddler Eating Habits!

Please tell me that Toddlerhood includes a very crazy eater!!!! B/c Noah's lists of foods that he likes is steadily decreasing by the second. Noah has always been a bit picky. I can remember feeding him baby food and thinking that he would never eat. I saw other babes tearing up their baby food and Noah wouldn't go near it. SO when he finally started eating "real" food or should I say big ppl food I was ecstatic!!

However, I should have known I would always have a picky eater on my hands b/c he started out only liking certain foods and sticking to those foods only. Basically anything fruit, tomatoes, green beans, chickfila chicken nuggets (only), spaghetti o's (don't judge), mac and cheese, peas, chips, pnut butter and jelly sandwiches, nutrigrain bars, cereal, bagels with cream cheese, and various snack foods.

Then the thing was that one day he would tear up some mac and cheese and then a few days later he would act like it was the grossest food ever. I never knew if he was going to eat something or not. And lately things have gotten worse. I am constantly trying to introduce new foods to him. For instance, I made breakfast for dinner the other night and gave him some eggs and bacon. I even put his version of crack on the plate, ketchup. And he wouldn't touch it. I tried to feed it to him, NO GO...I tried to back off and let him dive in, NO GO!! So I moved on and made him a sandwich. The child has to eat. No like seriously, this child will get up in the middle of the night if he doesn't eat a good supper. He will get up and loudly say EAT!! He is serious and has to eat!!! So we try to avoid that :)

Now the small list of things he would eat is getting smaller. I have NO clue what to do. I guess I should keep trying to offer him new foods and see what happens. It just gets frustrating. Part of me wonders if it is a texture thing b/c he WILL not eat mashed potatoes. Doesn't every kid like mashed potatoes?? And he always does the once over look at his food before he touches it. If it doesn't look good to him he won't eat it. I am really hoping that this changes, but it may just be the way Noah is and that is fine.

My cousin literally lives off of poptarts, the fried skin of chicken, french fries, and salmon. For serious...and he's fine. I guess picky eaters run in the family. It is hard for me to get cause we all know I love me some food!!! Any of y'all have toddlers that are living off of snack food and milk? I am just thankful that Noah still LOVES his milk. He drinks it with every meal and would rather have that than juice. Which to me is great ;)

Oh and since I am on the toddler subject. We have started doing time out. It started when Noah began popping us. Yeah not so great. So now I believe he is old enough to do time out and he actually hates it more than getting a spanking. I have one of his little chairs in the dining room and he has to sit there for one minute. I say that to him, but I really don't count. If he gets up I sit him back down. The first time we did this I had to sit him down a billion times. It was very frustrating, but the second time I only had to sit him down twice. So it gets better!! I still give him a warning and then if he still disobeys we go off to time out. Just not sure what to do when we are out in public. How does time out work then??

Oh the joys of Toddlerhood ;)

I can't leave it on a bad note. Noah's vocab has just blossomed and I love that he can tell me what he wants or what is wrong. It is soo cute. I love how he says Momma too when he and his daddy are going somewhere. Or how he sings his ABCs, or sings to any song for that matter. This child LOVES music!!! He is a handful at times, but he is also a handful of love too. He gives the best hugs! The other day he lifted my shirt and tried to tickle me, it was soo cute and a bit surprising at the same time :0 His lil personality is just blossoming!! Happy weekend y'all!!

And I am excited to say that I now have my camera out and charged, ready to take some real pics instead of just instagrams from my phone. I have NO "real" pics for January or February, boo!!! Gotta make up for lost times!! CLICK CLICK!!!


shauna said...

Girl, I think the picky eating phases are totally normal for toddlers! Jakob goes through times where he'll only eat ham, goldfish and grapes. I just make sure he takes his multi-vitamin so he's getting the nutrients he needs and still offer him food even if I know he won't eat it. Sometimes he'll surprise me and try something. One day these guys will be eating us out of house and home :)

Tracy said...

This post sounds almost like you're talking about our girls lol. They seem to like similar foods and then the next time won't eat it. Also with the hitting and that, yeah. Welcome to toddlerhood like you said! I need to start sticking with the timeout thing too. We just don't have a designated place yet but we'll have to make one!