Friday, March 2, 2012

Sprained neck???

Okay so remember those group power classes I was taking! Just to give you an idea of what the class entails here are some shots from my phone.
 You basically do tons of reps with wts! Clean and presses, triceps, biceps, squats, lunges, etc!!!
The next day you can barely walk!!!
Well after taking two classes I was in the groove! Then I woke up and my neck was screaming in pain! So I did what anyone would do, I called my momma and daddy :) My cousin is a chiropractor so they suggested I visit him. My mom met Noah and I there and he went to work on me :) He told me I had sprained my neck! OUCH!!!!!
I have been getting adjustments since I was a baby! It is a family thing!! And I am so thankful I went b/c I am feeling much better. Well, my ego is a bit bruised and I am beginning to understand the aches and pains of aging!! So onto some resting and just doing cardio for a bit! Maybe I will get back up the courage to take another class, maybe not. I am leaning more towards a spin class and my elliptical at home!! I can do triceps and core at home as well! Here's to getting old!!!!


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